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With very few exceptions, most people don’t plan in advance to collect disability benefits; most exceptions are fraudulent in nature. For most everybody else, the recognition of the need to file for disability benefits comes slowly as an illness progresses, a genetic condition worsens, or recovery from an injury does not progress as planned.

If the time has come for you to consider seeking Social Security Disability benefits, the best plan you could make would be to contact a Pearland Social Security attorney. While most of us have spent the majority of our working lives putting money into the Social Security system, getting them back out again when disability strikes can be far more difficult than anticipated. An experienced Pearland Social Security lawyer can help you get through that process, usually much faster than you could on your own.

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Pearland is a suburb of Houston, and has an estimated population of 121,000 people. Pearland has seen explosive growth in its population; the 2000 census placed the population at 37,640. That’s an increase of more than 200 percent.

Pearland (that’s pronounced Pear Land) was founded in 1894 by Witold Von Zychlinski, who was from Poland. Noticing that a great variety of fruit was being harvested in the area, he chose to call it Pearland. As one might imagine, the majority of the city’s early economic base was primarily agricultural. However, two major hurricanes and a devastating freeze, all occurring within a two-decade period, decimated the area’s productivity of fruits and vegetables. The local agricultural production never really recovered.

Today, Pearland has no significant industry to speak of; it serves primarily as a bedroom community for white-collar workers from the Houston Metroplex. The city’s largest employer is the Pearland Independent School District, which claims some 1,800 employees. Second is Wal-Mart, with approximately 800 employees. Many of Pearland’s residents are employed at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. Pearland is home to a higher percentage of TMC employees than any other Houston suburb.

Among Pearland’s working-age population, slightly less than 15 percent suffer from some form of disability. Of those, nearly two-thirds are employed. Those numbers are significantly better than the national averages. However, the fact remains that over 1,000 people in Pearland are disabled and are unable to work to earn a living.

Applying for Pearland Social Security Disability Benefits

Among first-time applicants for Social Security Disability benefits, the vast majority are met with a denial. The only option at that point is to file an appeal. However, because of the incredible volume of appeals waiting to be heard, it is anticipated that this year’s backlog will approach 750,000 cases.

In trying to clear this backlog, the SSA has established a goal of resolving appeal cases within 270 days, or 9 months. As yet, the agency has not even approached this goal. A Pearland Social Security Disability attorney may be your ticket to a shortcut around these cumbersome delays.

In many cases, the claimants in these cases are fully entitled to receive benefits. Unfortunately, their applications don’t accurately reflect the severity of their disability. By having your case reviewed by a Pearland Social Security Disability lawyer, you can count on your application being complete and in order the first time. You attorney will also help you prepare for your hearing and fill out the forms that the ALJ requires such as HA-4632 and HA-4633.

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Hiring a Pearland Social Security Disability Attorney

Your disability case is far too important to trust to chance. By securing the services of a Pearland disability attorney, you can significantly increase the chances that your disability case will end successfully. And if it turns out that you do end up facing the appeal process, your Pearland disability lawyer will be right there with you.

If you’re facing the possibility of filing for Social Security Disability benefits, you don’t have to go through it alone. Contact a Pearland Social Security Disability attorney today.

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