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The state of California provides Social Security Disability benefits to more than 660,000 workers who are unable to remain employed because of a physical or mental disability. The SSA provides this benefit to qualifying workers in all states who meet the maximum income and minimum work credit qualifications as well as provide sufficient evidence of their disability.

With the high rate of claims which are rejected, it is important for Pittsburg residents to hire a Pittsburg Social Security Disability attorney to assist them in the process.

About Pittsburg, California

Pittsburg, California was renamed in 1911 after a local coal mining industry as well as the city’s ties to steel like that of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the east. Its population of 63,000 is part of Contra Costa County as well as the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Coal and steel-based industry has played a major part of Pittsburg’s economy since the 1800s. The USS-POSCO (a cooperative of US Steel and POSCO in South Korea) company has a large plant in Pittsburg, as well as Dow Chemical Company. In addition to industry, manufacturing plays a major role, as the city is home to Ramar International, a producer of dairy products.

The largest employer in Pittsburg is the school district, employing 965 residents, followed by USS-POSCO employing 900 and Los Medanos College employing 600.

About 7,600 of the working class in Pittsburg have a disability, and only 57% of them are employed. Some disabilities are not severe enough to hinder you from working, but others can be so debilitating that it is often difficult to even perform basic activities of daily living, and impossible to complete tasks required at most places of employment.

If you are a disabled working-class resident of Pittsburgh, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. To find out, you must apply with the SSA, but before you do, seeking a free consultation with a Social Security Disability lawyer is recommended.

Disability Benefits in Pittsburg, California

Receiving disability benefits is not as simple as applying, but is a complex process which requires you to provide strong and conclusive evidence of your need for disability benefits because your condition is keeping you from working for at least a year. A Pittsburg Social Security attorney will help you present your medical proof in the manner the SSA prefers, according to their Blue Book Listing of Impairments.

To speak with a local disability attorney or advocate, fill out a free disability review today.

Without the scrutiny of a Pittsburgh disability attorney trained in detail on the SSA’s determination process and experienced in winning claims like yours, the likelihood of having your claim approved is greatly reduced.

For more on disability benefits in California, see How To Qualify For Disability In California.

Finding a Social Security Attorney in Pittsburg, California

Those who apply for disability benefits alone are forfeiting one of the greatest possible advantages to their claim through each step of the process. A Pittsburg Social Security lawyer will help you through each step of applying for SSDI, starting with filling out your initial application and carrying you through your probably appeals court hearing, as your representation.

Even though it is known that the appeals court level results in more disability approvals than the first few levels of the disability application process, it is still not advantageous to go into court alone, unaware of how to argue your case favorably in a court of administrative law.

With limited finances, some disabled workers may hesitate to hire a Pittsburg Social Security Disability lawyer because they are afraid they can’t afford it. What they don’t realize is that a Pittsburg Social Security lawyer is paid a percentage of your total back pay of awarded disability benefits. If your Pittsburg disability lawyer fails to win your case, he or she won’t collect any fees. This award-based system encourages every Pittsburg Social Security attorney to put 100% into winning your claim for Social Security Disability.

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