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Pomona, California is a large suburb of Los Angeles, located at the southeastern corner of LA County. The population is slightly above 160,000. For the most part, Pomona is a sleeper community, with most of its residents commuting to Los Angeles or other, more industrialized parts of Southern California.

Much of the activity is Pomona centers around the annual Los Angeles County Fair and events at the Auto Club Raceway, which used to be called Pomona Raceway. Drag racing is a popular attraction in the winter time, with the annual Winternationals being held in Pomona.

Pomona, California

The average income in Pomona is a little higher than $30,000, with incomes slightly higher on average for men than for women. Roughly 13% of Pomona residents hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, which is in keeping with national averages. About 55% of the city speaks Spanish in the home as their first language.

As a residential, sleeper community, Pomona’s largest employers are all in education or health care. California Polytechnic University, a highly exclusive technological college, is located in Pomona, and adds 21,000 to the local population during the school year. It is also one of the city’s largest employers.

Applying for Pomona Social Security Disability Benefits

Roughly 27% of Pomona’s population is disabled, with slightly more than half of the disabled people in the city gainfully employed. That means that while the number of disabled persons significantly higher than the national average, the employment percentage among those individuals is quite low. There are therefore a large number of disabled people in Pomona who find themselves entirely unable to find employment.

For some, this is because their disability is severe enough that they are incapable of performing any kind of work. If you find yourself in that situation, applying for Social Security Disability benefits may be your best hope of a consistent income.

The Social Security Administration maintains stringent standards to determine who they consider disabled. By SSA definition, you are only disabled if your disabling condition is medically verifiable and makes it impossible for you to maintain employment in any capacity. Not only must you prove that you are unable to continue working in your most recent job, you must be so disabled that you cannot reasonably be expected to perform any kind of work which you have done in the past 15 years.

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On top of that, the SSA must determine that there is no work anywhere in the country for which you could reasonably be trained, given your age and educational level. Regardless of your age, education level, and type of disability, your chances of having a disability claim accepted rise sharply if you utilize the Pomona Social Security Disability Resources available to you.

For more on disability benefits in California, see How To Qualify For Disability In California.

Hiring a Pomona Disability Attorney

Your Pomona disability lawyer will be familiar with the regulations governing the Social Security Disability application process, and also with the local field offices. In addition, your Pomona Social Security disability attorney can help to ensure that your condition is documented and filed in such a way as to give you the best chances of having your claim approved. Even with a Pomona disability attorney, it is fairly common to be denied disability benefits at the initial stage of application. Although almost two thirds of disability claims are denied at this stage, a high number will subsequently receive approval during the reconsideration and hearing phases. It is especially important to have competent counsel from a Pomona Social Security Disability attorney during your hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, as this is the phase of the appeals process where most approvals are granted.

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