Rancho Cordova Social Security Attorney or Advocate

Social Security Disability (SSD) claims processed throughout the nation number in the millions each year. Those claims which are filed with the assistance of a Rancho Cordova Social Security attorney have a higher likelihood of being approved in the state of California.

Only about 44 percent of claims for SSD are approved after the initial review is performed by the Disability Determination Services (DDS) office; however, having an experienced Rancho Cordova Social Security lawyer on your side from the start makes it more probable that you’ll be among that 44 percent who are approved at this stage.

Disability Benefits in Rancho Cordova, California

The DDS office reviews thousands of new claims and thousands more reconsidered claims each year. If an application is denied upon the first review it can be submitted through the process again a second time. Each review can take ten or more months to complete and this is just one of the reasons it is so important that your application for SSD benefits be as detailed and relevant as possible, listing all vocational factors.

It must contain all of the documentation expected by the Social Security Administration in order to meet eligibility requirements for SSD. A Rancho Cordova Social Security Disability attorney can ensure your application meets these essential requirements, thereby lessening the chances that you must resubmit that application for a request for reconsideration.

Hiring a Rancho Cordova Social Security Attorney

Though seeking legal assistance from a Rancho Cordova Social Security Disability lawyer early in the application process makes it more likely you’ll be approved during the first or the second reviews by the DDS, there is still a chance your application will be denied following the second review, in which case you’ll need to file an appeal.

An appeal puts your case in front of an administrative law judge and a Rancho Cordova disability lawyer can argue your case at the appeal hearing.

Rancho Cordova has a total populous of about 64,800 with about 8,000 disabled. Of the total population of the community, nearly 46 percent are between the ages of 21 and 64, putting them in their prime working years. The inability to work as a result of disability can create a financial hardship which is devastating to an individual or a family. Filing an application for SSD is a critical step in continuing to meet your financial obligations and to pay for everyday living expenses.

For more on disability benefits in California, see How To Qualify For Disability In California.

To speak with a local disability attorney or advocate, fill out a free disability review today.

The economy of Rancho Cordova is diverse but the major employers in the region include some big names in the health insurance and financial services sectors of the job market. No matter where a disabled individual may have previously been employed, in order to qualify for SSD, they must have been unable to work for a period of one year or more as a result of disability.

The financial strain of being without employment income for such a lengthy period presents an even stronger case for ensuring that your initial application for disability is as thorough and sound as possible and hiring a Rancho Cordova disability attorney guarantees just that.

Though many SSD applicants decide to file their initial claim for disability without the help of a Rancho Cordova Social Security attorney, having legal assistance actually increases your chances for approval during the initial review. If you’re only beginning your SSD application, consider hiring a Rancho Cordova Social Security lawyer now to assist in the process.

If you’ve already filed your initial claim or have been denied benefits following the first of the second review, it’s not too late to seek legal help. Regardless of where you may be in the SSD application process, getting help from a knowledgeable and experienced Rancho Cordova Social Security Disability lawyer is in your best interest.

Most applicants decide to file their claims without legal assistance not knowing how complex the application and review processes really are. Many also worry about financial concerns with regard to paying for the services of a Rancho Cordova Social Security Disability attorney. Rest assured however that a Rancho Cordova disability lawyer does not charge any upfront legal fees for his or her services and is in fact not entitled to payment for services rendered unless you are approved for SSD benefits. When you begin receiving SSD, you’ll pay your Rancho Cordova disability attorney 25 percent of your retroactive benefits up to a maximum of $6,000.

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