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Individuals who live in the Rock Hill, South Carolina area and are suffering from a long-term or permanent disability often deal with significant financial burdens. These disabled workers are unable to produce an income due to the limitations that their disability places on them. As a result of this fact, the bills quickly begin to pile up. Eventually, these workers feel overwhelmed by the financial struggle that they are facing, wondering if there is any way to get the financial help they so desperately need.

To add to the problem, the majority of the Social Security Disability claims that are received by the Social Security Administration are denied during the initial stage of the disability application process. This results in the need for a lengthy and complicated disability appeal, during which the disability applicant will still not be getting the benefits they need.

Many people wonder if there is any way to increase an applicant's chances of being approved for disability benefits during the initial stage of the claim process. In some cases, hiring a Rock Hill Social Security Disability attorney can significantly increase your chances of obtaining an approval of your initial disability claim and, thereby, help you avoid the hardships of a disability appeal.

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Applying for Rock Hill Social Security Disability Benefits

On average, a Rock Hill disability applicant will have to wait more than two years to complete the disability claim process. This is largely due to the fact that the majority of claims are denied during the initial stage of the application process (which takes only three to six months to complete). As a result, the applicant must go through the disability appeal process before their case is decided.

Because there are so many appeals currently backlogged in the Social Security System, it will take a Rock Hill applicant more than a year before reaching the most important stage of the disability appeal process – the disability hearing. Once a hearing has been requested, it will take well over another year before a hearing date is scheduled with the Charlotte, NC disability hearing office.

If your application for Social Security Disability benefits has been denied by the SSA, it is in your best interests to retain the services of a Rock Hill Social Security Disability attorney. Statistics have shown that applicants who have proper legal representation during a disability appeal are more likely to be awarded benefits than applicants who choose to represent themselves.

Even if you have not yet submitted an application for benefits to the SSA, you should still consult with a Rock Hill Social Security Disability lawyer as soon as possible. A Rock Hill Social Security attorney can help you understand what is required to file a successful disability claim and can help you gather the necessary evidence and present it properly to the SSA.

Hiring a Rock Hill Disability Attorney

If you do need to file a disability appeal due to a denied Social Security Disability claim, it is crucial that you understand that the appeal process is lengthy, complex, and very stressful. Your chances of filing a successful appeal are significantly increased with proper legal representation. This is why you should consult with a Rock Hill Social Security lawyer as soon as possible if your initial claim for disability benefits has already been denied.

If your initial claim for benefits has been denied by the SSA, your Rock Hill disability attorney will begin the paperwork that is necessary to file your disability appeal.

The first step of the appeal process is called a Request for Reconsideration, although this request is actually just a formality since the majority of disability claimants are not granted their appeal at this stage of the process. The stage of appeals that you and your lawyer will be focusing on is the hearing stage, when you will have the greatest chance of overturning the SSA's decision to deny your disability claim.

The good news is that nearly two-thirds of disability applicants are awarded benefits at the hearing stage of the appeal process. Your Rock Hill disability attorney will prepare for this hearing by gathering additional medical evidence and, in some cases call vocational experts to testify on your behalf. He or she will also prepare you on a personal level regarding what to expect at this hearing and how you should present yourself before the administrative law judge.

If you live in the Rock Hill, SC, area and are considering applying for disability benefits, you can request a free evaluation of your Social Security Disability case to learn more about hiring a Rock Hill disability lawyer to represent you during your Social Security Disability claim or appeal.

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