San Angelo Social Security Attorney or Advocate

If you live in Tom Green county and your health has been compromised by illness, injury, or a genetic condition, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to contact a San Angelo Social Security attorney. While it may seem very obvious to you that you are disabled and unable to work, adequately documenting that disability in order to receive disability benefits is another matter entirely.

If you have ever dealt with an agency of the U.S. Government before, you know how long it can take to complete a seemingly simple task. If your application paperwork is not filled out accurately and completely, you could be denied disability benefits. If you choose to pursue an appeal, you can plan on an extended wait before your benefits arrive. A San Angelo Social Security lawyer can help you avoid the mistakes that can leave you hanging as you wait for your appeal to be heard.

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San Angelo is a beautiful city in West Central Texas with a population of just over 93,000 people. The county seat of Tom Green County, San Angelo is consistently ranked among the best small cities in the nation for business by Forbes, CNN, Kiplinger’s, and others. Major employers in the area include Verizon and Blue Cross with over 1000 employees each, as well as Goodfellow Air Force Base, which is the area’s largest single employer.

San Angelo is also home to Angelo State University. This college with an enrollment of about 6,500 students was founded in 1928. It offers nearly 100 undergraduate programs and 23 graduate programs. In 2007, the school became part of the Texas Tech University System.

Agriculture is also a major player in the economy of San Angelo. The San Angelo livestock auction is one of the largest in the nation. While the vast majority of sheep, lamb and cattle farming are done outside the city, many are employed within the city in meat packing and processing plants, as well as related support facilities. In addition, San Angelo is home to two agricultural research centers.

Applying for San Angelo Social Security Disability Benefits

There are nearly 9,400 people in San Angelo who suffer from a disabling condition of some sort. Of those, more than 40 percent are completely unable to work. While that means that over half of those who are disabled in some way are at least part of the work force, the rest have few options for any type of income.

While the economy of San Angelo has shown some support for workers with disabilities, those who are disabled to the point that substantial gainful activity is no longer an option could be helped by a San Angelo Social Security Disability attorney.

The simple truth is that most disability cases are denied when they are initially submitted. Reasons that initial claims are denied include a lack of medical evidence, not following treatment, etc. The logical next step is to file an appeal, which may not be resolved for over a year due to the hearing wait time at the Fort Worth ODAR office.

A San Angelo Social Security Disability lawyer can prepare your application paperwork properly the first time, so that you may very well be able to sidestep the whole appeal process.

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Hiring a San Angelo Disability Attorney

For many, concerns about the cost of hiring an attorney might prove to be a big stumbling block. In the case of a Social Security lawyer, however, all of the legal fees collected by your San Angelo disability attorney will be paid based on a percentage of your disability back-pay. What this means is that you don’t have to come up with any money in order to get your case started, and you won’t have to pay your attorney unless you win your disability case.

The process of applying for and receiving disability benefits can be long and complicated. Your San Angelo disability lawyer can help you navigate through it, with a minimum of delays. No matter what the nature of your disability is, a San Angelo Social Security Disability attorney can help you get the benefits to which you are entitled.

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