San Mateo Social Security Attorney or Advocate

When illness or injury strikes, many of the activities we take for granted become much more difficult. Normal trips to the grocery store become a chore. Some days, even getting out of bed and getting dressed requires all the effort we can muster. Unfortunately, we may no longer be able to earn a regular paycheck. If you find yourself in this stage of life, you really should consider contacting a San Mateo Social Security attorney.

While most of us would like to believe that the money we’ve been contributing to the Social Security system during our entire working lives is sitting there ready and waiting for us, the reality is that most applications for Social Security Disability benefits are denied. While many of these applicants are fully entitled to receive benefits, it’s not until after they’ve been mired in a long and grueling appeal process that their benefits begin to arrive. A San Mateo Social Security lawyer can help you avoid these unnecessary delays.

San Mateo is a city with a population of approximately 100,000 people located on the San Francisco Peninsula in Western Central California. Originally settled as a location for summer homes for some of California’s wealthier residents, San Mateo was incorporated in 1864. Among the more prominent geographical features of San Mateo is Coyote Point Park, a natural rock outcropping that juts out into San Francisco Bay. This beautiful land feature creates a beautiful setting for the CuriOdyssey (formerly known as the Coyote Point Museum), one of California’s finest wildlife centers and natural history museums.

The economy of San Mateo is largely supported through firms connected with the business, finance and computer industries. A great number of these companies have corporate offices located in San Mateo. The city’s single largest employer is the College of San Mateo. This community college employs over 1,900 people and serves the educational needs of over 10,000 students annually.

Applying for San Mateo Social Security Disability Benefits

Within San Mateo’s population of working-age persons, slightly more than 17 percent have some type of disability. Of those, approximately two-thirds are employed. While those numbers are certainly impressive, they still mean that more than 3,200 people in San Mateo are disabled and are not able to work for a living.

For many who are disabled, the loss of their independence is further complicated by the loss of income. Such is the reason for the existence of Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income; they are there to fill in the financial gaps created by a disability.

For more on disability benefits in California, see How To Qualify For Disability In California.

Hiring a San Mateo Disability Attorney

Many people who apply to receive these benefits make the mistake of handling the entire application process on their own. As a result, more than 7 of every 10 applications are denied. If you would like to decrease the chances that you will become part of this unfortunate majority, have your case evaluated by a San Mateo Social Security Disability attorney.

Part of the reason that so many cases are denied has little to do with whether or not the claimants are eligible to receive benefits; in most cases, these claims are truly legitimate and are ultimately successful after a protracted appeal. The initial problem stems from the fact that their application paperwork didn’t accurately reflect the nature of their disability. By placing your case in the capable hands of a San Mateo Social Security Disability lawyer, you are much more likely to avoid these potential pitfalls. The attorney can prove that your occupational base would make it impossible for you to continue to work in another job environment through any sort of vocational adjustment.

If you are entering the disability process or have already started, you simply can’t do better than to have your case handled by a San Mateo Social Security Disability lawyer. If you want to give yourself and your family the peace of mind that comes from having your application reviewed by an experienced professional, contact a San Mateo disability attorney as soon as you possibly can.

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