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Life is not usually as glamorous as it appears in many movies. Real people in the real world deal with pain, both physical and emotional, as well as disabilities from illnesses, injuries and diseases. The movies don’t usually show this very real part of life, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

For thousands of people all across the United States, the pain and inconvenience of a personal disability is a reality they face every day. It is challenging just to accomplish daily tasks which were once easily completed, and hobbies and interests which used to bring joy to life now have to be abandoned.

If you are one of these people who is struggling with the all-too-real effects of a life-changing disability, there is hope. Not only may you be able to overcome your obstacles, develop new skills and interests within your new abilities, and possibly recover; there is help for you, right now.

With the assistance of a Santa Monica Social Security Disability lawyer, you can get the medical and financial resources your disability requires. Since applying for Social Security Disability benefits is their specialty, your case is sure to be approved in a timely manner, leaving you can focus on overcoming your disability.

About Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica, California is famous for its beautiful beachfront which draws millions of tourists each year, and is the scene for a large surfing community which reached its height in the 1970s. Many celebrities and executives make Santa Monica their home in upscale, multi-million dollar estates. Surrounded on three sides by Los Angeles, it mirrors much of the arts and entertainment culture of the area, and has appeared numerous times as the setting for well-known movies.

The Santa Monica Pier is an especially well-known landmark, appearing in movies such as Forrest Gump and Iron Man.

Not surprisingly, many big-name entertainment corporations make their headquarters in Santa Monica, such as Universal Music Group, Lions Gate Films, and the Playtone Company, headed by actor Tom Hanks.

Although management and professional careers employ 60% of Santa Monica residents, sales and office jobs rank second at 23%, followed by information technology, at 14%. Santa Monica is the home of the search engine company,, as well as branch offices of IT giants Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft.

Applying for Santa Monica Social Security Disability Benefits

With many such employment opportunities, the city of Santa Monica has an unemployment rate of only 5%. However, 13% of workers ages 21 to 64 are disabled, and almost 50% of these are unemployed.

If you reside in Santa Monica and have a disabling condition that is hindering you from earning an income, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance through the SSA, especially if you enlist the services of a Santa Monica Social Security Disability attorney.

To speak with a local disability attorney or advocate, fill out a free disability review today.

If you meet the background requirements, you must be able to prove that your condition is truly disabling. This can be difficult according to the SSA’s guidelines, as proven by the fact that more than half of first-time applicants for SSDI are declined benefits.

For more on disability benefits in California, see How To Qualify For Disability In California.

Hiring a Santa Monica Disability Attorney

Employing a Santa Monica Social Security lawyer will ensure you meet the requirements and enable you to receive the benefits you qualify for in a timely manner. Any Santa Monica Social Security attorney will take cases from not only Los Angeles County, but the surrounding Ventura, Kern, San Bernadino, Orange, and San Diego counties. Some of the cities serviced in these counties are as follows: Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Simi Valley, Grand Terrace, Chino Hills, California City, Beverly Hills, Burbank, San Fernando, Glendale, West Hollywood, Malibu, Lancaster, Hidden Hills, Commerce, Claremont, Carson, Bradbury, Sierra Madre, Santa Paula, and Fontana.

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