Skokie Social Security Attorney or Advocate

Every year the Social Security Administration receives millions of new applications for Social Security Disability (SSD), including the more than 30,000 initial applications which are reviewed by the Chicago Disability Determination Services (DDS) regional office of the Social Security Administration.

The SSD claims from Skokie, IL residents who are disabled are among those applications reviewed in Chicago and those which are filed with the help of a Skokie Social Security attorney are much more likely to be approved for SSD benefits. The experience and knowledge of a Skokie Social Security lawyer can also help shorten the time involved in receiving a final determination on your eligibility for SSD benefits.

In addition to the 30,000 new claims reviewed by the Chicago DDS each year, there are also an additional 12,000 plus reconsidered applications which pass through the office annually. This constant flow of new and secondary reviews of SSD claims means the time between submission of your application and the receipt of a determination can be quite lengthy. This makes it that much more important that a Skokie Social Security Disability attorney review your application and ensure that it is as thorough as possible.

Only about 30 percent of initial claims are approved for SSD benefits; however, those which are completed with the help of a knowledgeable Skokie Social Security Disability lawyer are more likely to be among those found eligible for benefits during the initial review stage. If your application is among the other 70 percent, then you will need to file a Request for Reconsideration and a Skokie disability lawyer can assist with that process as well.

It is important to realize that only about 10 percent of reconsiderations reviewed by the DDS are approved, leaving the other 90 percent of denied applicants to file an appeal for a final determination. After filing an appeal your application will be reviewed by an administrative law judge at a hearing where a Skokie disability attorney can argue your case for you.

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Strong industries in the Skokie community include manufacturing and retail. Healthcare and health science jobs as well as many professional and administrative positions are also common, especially at big businesses like RandMcNally and other national corporations which have headquarters in Skokie.

All of the application, review and appeals processes involved with submitting a claim for SSD are complicated and can be quite lengthy and stressful. The more prepared you are and the better you comprehend the entire system, the more likely you are to see a favorable outcome on your application. A Skokie disability attorney is able to walk you through the entire process and can increase your chances of approval.

If you have not yet submitted your initial application for SSD, then you will want to think about hiring a Skokie Social Security attorney now. He or she will be able to review your case and give you an idea of what information the Social Security Administration expects to see within your application, including documentation of specific medical tests (by helping you fill out form SSA-827) and procedures which prove your complete disability and inability to work as a result of that condition.

Even if you have submitted your initial application and been denied or have already been through the reconsideration process, it is still not too late to hire a Skokie Social Security lawyer. Regardless of where you are in the application process, hiring a Skokie disability attorney can improve your chances of being found eligible for SSD benefits.

Hiring a Skokie Social Security Disability attorney does not have to be financially taxing, although most people do not realize this. Many SSD applicants decide to file their initial claim for benefits without seeking legal help because they think they cannot afford it. A Skokie Social Security Disability attorney charges no upfront fees and is only paid if you are approved for benefits, at which time he or she would get 25 percent of your retroactive SSD payments up to a maximum of $6,000.

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