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Tamiami, Florida, gets its name from the Tamiami Trail, which connects Miami and Tampa. Tamiami is an unincorporated Miami-Dade county community of nearly 56,000 residents, with an economy that’s fueled by numerous industries, including the financial, education, and health care sectors.

The area’s top employers include HCA, Tenet Healthcare, and Miami-Dade College. The median household income of Tamiami residents is $47,503, and the cost of living is approximately 15% higher than the national average.

Applying for Tamiami Social Security Disability Benefits

According to statistics provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA,) around 4.5% of Florida residents are currently receiving Social Security Disability benefits, with an average payment being $1,123.10. Unfortunately, many Tamiami residents who are applying for Social Security Disability benefits may face a wait of two years or more before actually receiving a payment.

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Often a disabled worker assumes that the money they’ve paid into the Social Security system over the years ensures that disability benefits will be available when they need them, but this is not always the case, as around 70% of Social Security Disability applications are denied.

The SSA does have an established process for appealing these denials, but applicants often find it stressful and confusing, and it can be very lengthy. That’s why it’s a good idea to retain the services of a Tamiami Social Security Disability attorney. A knowledgeable Tamiami disability lawyer can take actions to increase the chances that your claim will be approved at the initial level, saving you the time and hassle of the appeals process.

If a Tamiami Social Security Disability applicant receives a denial, the next step is to file a Request for Reconsideration. This level is almost a technicality, as very few claims are approved upon reconsideration, but it adds an additional two to four month wait to the three to five months spent waiting for the first decision. If the Tamiami disabled worker is again denied benefits, they can then file a Request for Administrative Law Judge Hearing.

The good news is that nearly two-thirds of disability hearings result in the claimant being granted benefits. The bad news is that the wait for a hearing can be very long – Tamiami disability applicants wait an average of 427 days for the Miami SSA office to schedule their hearing.

Hiring a Tamiami Disability Attorney

In the meantime, the SSA may require the disability applicant to fill out reports, be interviewed via telephone, or go to an examination paid for by the SSA. The process can be stressful, in addition to the financial stress of living on little or no income while waiting for a hearing to be scheduled.

It can be very beneficial to have the support of a helpful Tamiami disability attorney during this time. In addition to answering your questions regarding the process, a Tamiami Social Security lawyer will be working behind the scenes doing things like reviewing your medical records, obtaining statements from your doctors, and formulating an argument to present to the judge that demonstrates exactly how you meet the SSA’s definition of “disabled.”

It doesn’t take a lot of money to hire a Tamiami Social Security Disability lawyer. In fact, it doesn’t take any money, as Florida Social Security attorneys are paid on a contingent basis, meaning they are only paid if you receive benefits. If you are awarded benefits, their fee will be 25% of your back benefits (up to a $6,000 maximum.)

This is a small price to pay for the satisfaction of receiving the benefits to which you’re entitled in a relatively timely manner. Although there are two additional levels of appeal following an Administrative Law Judge hearing, the chances of having your claim approved are very slim beyond that point. If you’re disabled and unable to work, you owe it to yourself to give your claim the best chance it has by hiring a Tamiami Social Security attorney.

A Tamiami, Florida, Social Security disability lawyer will also handle claims in nearby Broward, Monroe, and Collier counties, as well as towns such as Kendale Lakes, Sweetwater, The Hammocks, University Park, Pioneer Park, Westchester, Sunset, and Doral.

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