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Torrance is a city in the Los Angeles Region of California. It is situated on Santa Monica Bay, and has a mile and a half of shore-front beaches. Because the beaches are less well known than nearby Manhattan and Redondo, the area tends to be quieter and less frequented by tourists.

Torrance’s population of 150,000 makes it one of the larger cities in the LA area. Much of the economy is tied into high tech industries, and aviation and computer technology are both important to the local economy. Two of the largest foreign automakers (Toyota and Honda) make their American headquarters in Torrance, and are the area’s two leading employers.

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For much of Torrance’s history, petrochemicals and oil were the leading industry, and ExxonMobil continues to have a strong presence in the area. Their refinery is among the top ten employers in the city.

Torrance is one of the more educated cities in the United States, with over 36% of its residents holding a Bachelor’s degree or higher and well over 90% of the local population holding a high school diploma. White collar management and design careers are common in the area, along with other high tech jobs.

In addition to the high level of education, Torrance boasts low levels of disabled persons, especially for an area where the oil industry is still of some importance. A mere 14% of the city’s residents have a disability, and over 60% of them are still able to find gainful employment which accommodates their disabilities.

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