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According to the Social Security Administration, approximately 3% of California residents are currently receiving Social Security disability benefits. This means that around 2,500 of the nearly 83,000 people who live in Tracy, California are utilizing this important benefit to help support themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, there are many more Tracy residents who have applied for benefits but have had their claim denied. Despite having paid into the Social Security system for years, about 70% of those who apply for Social Security benefits nationwide receive a denial. This means that these people, who are unable to work due to illness or injury, must then proceed through the Social Security Administration’s lengthy and stressful appeals process.

About Tracy, California

Tracy, California was incorporated in 1910 and is a growing exurb of San Francisco. It sits in San Joaquin County, and is a regional distribution center as well as a hotspot for the retail trade and high-tech industries. Although many of those who reside in Tracy commute (an average of 44 minutes) to other parts of the Bay Area for employment, Tracy companies such as Lockheed Martin, Home Depot, and Kaiser Permanente also employ many Tracy residents. The median household income in Tracy is $70,643, but the cost-of-living is over 28% higher than the national average.

Applying for Disability Benefits in Tracy, California

When an applicant is denied disability after applying for Social Security benefits in Tracy, California, the next step is to file an appeal, called a “Request for Reconsideration.” After waiting an average of 3-4 months for the first decision, the reconsideration decision will take an additional 2-4 months to be made. Only a small number of claims are approved upon reconsideration (around 10%).

The rest of the Tracy, California disability applicants will have to file a “Request for Administrative Law Judge Hearing.” These requests are almost always granted, and the majority of hearings result in a favorable decision for the claimant. However, the wait for a hearing can be very long. In fact, the average wait for Tracy disability applicants to have their hearing scheduled at the San Francisco office that handles this is a whopping 395 days – keep in mind that that’s the average, which means that half of the Tracy, California disability applicants wait longer than this.

Also, this is in addition to the five plus months that the disabled Tracy worker was forced to wait for their first two decisions. It can be extremely stressful and difficult for someone who is unable to work due to a disability to support their family on little to no income for two years or more.

Applying for Disability Benefits in Tracy, California

If you’re applying for Social Security disability in Tracy, California, there is one thing you can do to increase the chances that you won’t be forced to endure this long wait. Hiring a qualified Tracy, California Social Security disability attorney can increase the chances that your application will be approved at one of the first stages in the process.

A knowledgeable Tracy Social Security lawyer can review your medical records to identify the most important parts, and can ensure that the Social Security Administration is properly evaluating your case. They can also take other beneficial actions such as obtaining statements from your doctors.

If you haven’t retained a skilled Tracy disability attorney and are waiting for your hearing to be scheduled, it’s a very good idea to hire one now. These hearings, which take in front of administrative law judges, can be very intimidating for Tracy disability applicants. A qualified Tracy Social Security attorney can prepare you for the judge’s questions and can also cross-examine any medical or vocational experts that the SSA hires to appear.

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They can also submit a pre-hearing brief to the judge that explains how you meet the SSA’s definition of “disabled.” Although a number of factors can affect your chances of success at this hearing, having a helpful Tracy California disability lawyer on your side throughout the process can be a huge asset.

Luckily, there is no upfront cost to hire a Tracy, California Social Security disability lawyer. California Social Security attorneys work on a contingent fee basis, meaning they’re only paid if you’re awarded benefits. If this happens, they’ll receive a fee of 25% of your “back benefits” (up to a maximum of $6,000.) If your application isn’t approved, you won’t have to pay. So there’s no reason not to hire a top Tracy disability attorney to help you navigate the confusing and stressful process of applying for Social Security benefits in California.

A Tracy, California disability attorney will also handle disability claims for other San Joaquin County residents, as well as those in nearby Alameda, Sacramento, and Amador Counties, as well as cities such as Yarmouth, Banta, Lyoth, Mountain House, Ellis, Wainwright, and West Manteca.

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