Augusta-Richmond Social Security Disability Resources

Qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits in Augusta-Richmond, GA requires that you are able to prove you have suffered an injury which prevents you from performing the essential tasks of your job for at least twelve months. In assessing your ability to work, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will review your work history, education and age to make a determination on whether you have the skill set to perform the duties of another job if you can no longer work the job you previously had.

Once your submit your application to the SSA, either at a local field office or online, they will review your Augusta-Richmond Social Security Disability file then forward your case to the Georgia Department of Labor for review by a panel in the Disability Adjudication Section (DAS). There, the DAS staff reviews the information in your medical records as submitted by your treating physician to determine if there is sufficient proof that you have suffered a qualifying disability. If your medical file does not contain enough proof to substantiate your disability claim, your claim will likely be denied and you have the option at that point to begin the appeals process.

If your claim is denied, you can appeal the decision and request that the SSA reconsider your case. Your file will be sent back the DAS for another medical review determination by a separate review panel. If your claim is denied a second time, you may request that your case be heard by an administrative law judge. At the hearing level, Social Security Disability cases in the Augusta-Richmond area are awarded more than half the time.

Augusta-Richmond Health Care Resources

Getting the medical treatment you need from the time you are disabled throughout your rehabilitation is a key element in your Augusta-Richmond Social Security Disability case. Make sure you are being regularly treated for your disability by a licensed medical professional. If you are in need of access to free or reduced-cost medical services, the following facilities may be of assistance to you.

St Vincent DePaul Health Clinic
1384 Greene Street
Augusta, GA 30901
(706) 828-3444

C&Y Clinic
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, GA 30912
(706) 721-2341

Fort Gordon WIC Clinic
Eisenhour Medical Center
Fort Gordan, GA 30905
(706) 787-4263

Richmond County Health Department
950 Laney-Walker Blvd.
Augusta, GA 30901
(706) 721-5800

South Augusta Clinic
2416 Windsor Spring Rd.
Augusta, GA 30906
(706) 790-0661

Mental Health Resources in Augusta-Richmond

Mental health issues that prevent you from getting and keeping a job for at least one year may qualify as disabilities under the Social Security Act. As such, you should see a licensed Augusta-Richmond mental health professional for treatment.

Community Mental Health Center Of East Central Georgia
3421 Mike Padgett Highway
Augusta, GA 30906
(706) 432-4800

Lighthouse Care Center of Augusta
3100 Perimeter Parkway
Augusta, GA 30909
(706) 651-0005

Augusta-Richmond Supplemental Social Security Benefits

In the state of Georgia, disabled individuals living in a Medicaid facility may qualify to receive an additional monthly state supplemental benefit of up to $20. Couples in Medicaid facilities can receive up to $40 per month. The monthly Federal Social Security Disability benefit for an independent individual is $943 and $1,415 for a couple.

Augusta-Richmond Social Security Disability Attorneys

The decision to pursue an Augusta-Richmond Social Security Disability case can be beneficial, but the process can be lengthy. If you are not awarded your initial claim and have to appeal the decision, the processing time to finally get your case awarded can be well over a year.

Getting the advice of an Augusta-Richmond Social Security Disability attorney can help get you the insight you need to expedite the application and review process and return a favorable decision. Many attorneys will only charge a fee if they win your case. If your attorney wins, a standard fee of 25% of your award is collected from past due benefits or through a fee petition. The maximum an attorney can collect is $6,000. If you are interested in obtaining an evaluation of your Social Security Disability case, click the "Free Disability Evaluation" link at the top of the page for your free case evaluation or to get more information about hiring an Augusta-Richmond disability attorney.

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