Columbus Social Security Disability Resources

If you’re a Columbus resident, and are unable to work for at least a year due to illness or injury, you could be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. You can apply for these at your local Columbus Social Security office or by calling the Social Security Administration (SSA) at (800) 772-1213. The SSA (and their contract agency, the Department of Disability Determination Services, or DDS) will evaluate your medical records and other evidence to determine if you’re able to work in essentially any job on a full-time basis. While the answer to that question may seem clear to you, unfortunately more than 70% of applications for disability benefits are denied. If you’re applying for Social Security Disability in Columbus, it’s likely that you’ll be in for a long wait as your claim progresses through the SSA’s lengthy appeals process. In fact, your greatest chance of being granted benefits is at (or following) your disability hearing, which could take place two years or more after you initially applied for benefits. The average Columbus resident who applies for disability waits a whopping 510 days for their hearing – and that’s only from the date that their request for a hearing was filed, which is the second step in the appeals process.

Columbus Health Resources

Although the SSA and DDS will review your entire file including all types of evidence, your medical records are by far the most important piece of the puzzle. They will want to see objective evidence, such as test results and doctor’s notes, that demonstrate the severity of your disability.

If you’re a Columbus Social Security applicant and are having difficulty finding or affording the medical treatment that you need, below are some Columbus resources for free or reduced-cost healthcare.

Clinic at Faith Mission
315 E. Long Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 224.6617

Columbus Free Clinic
2231 N. High St.
Columbus, Ohio 43212
(614) 404-8417

Columbus Medical Association Physicians Free Clinic
240 Parsons Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 240-7430

Helping Hands Health & Wellness Center
1421 Morse Road
Columbus, Ohio 43229
(614) 262-5094

Xenos Free Clinics
40 N. Chicago Avenue (Tuesday)
Columbus, Ohio 43222
1934 N. Fourth Street (Monday)
Columbus, Ohio 43201
(614) 823-6510, x840

2231 N. High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43214
(614) 220-4023, x224

Billie Brown Jones Health Center
1060 Mount Vernon Avenue
Columbus, OH, 43203
(614) 645-2999

Columbus Mental Health Resources

If you suffer from a psychiatric condition that limits your ability to work, it’s equally important to receive the necessary mental health treatment. For assistance locating a provider, contact the Ohio Department of Mental Health, located at 30 E. Broad Street, 8th Floor, Columbus, OH 45215. Their phone number is 1-877-275-6364, and more information can be obtained on their website.

Columbus Supplementary Benefits

If you’re receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments in Columbus, you could be able to receive an additional payment from the State of Ohio. If you reside in an adult care facility, group home, or other type of assisted living facility. This could range from $306 to $606 per month, depending on your specific arrangements.

Ohio SSI recipients could also be eligible for medical assistance through the state’s Medicaid program. More information can be obtained by calling 1-800-324-8680.

Your Columbus Social Security Disability Claim

Even if you receive treatment and provide your medical records to the SSA, you could still have your claim denied. You can decrease the chance of this by hiring a Columbus Social Security Disability lawyer as early in the process as possible. Even if you’re at a later stage in the appeals process, a qualified Columbus Social Security Disability lawyer can take many actions to increase the chances that your application will be approved.

Luckily, there’s no upfront cost to hire a Columbus Social Security attorney. A Columbus disability attorney is paid by contingency fee, meaning they don’t receive payment unless you’re awarded benefits (if that happens, they will get 25% of your retroactive payments, up to $6,000.)

Contact a Columbus Social Security Disability lawyer for a free evaluation of your case.

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