Killeen Social Security Disability Resources

In order to qualify for social security disability in Killeen you have to prove to the Social Security Administration (SSA) that you have sustained a mental or physical injury that keeps you out of the workforce for at least twelve consecutive months. Eligibility to receive monthly disability benefits from the SSA is a process of reviewing both medical and non-medical information to determine the severity of your injury, and of determining if you have a work history which qualifies you as a covered worker under the Social Security Act.

In deciding your case, the SSA will look at whether your injury prevents you from performing the duties of your most recent job as well as any other job in which you would be able to earn at least $1,550 per month. Once it is determined that you have met non-medical requirements, your case will be forwarded to the Texas Division for Disability Services (DDS) for a medical review. The DDS will use information obtained from your doctor, employer, school or other credible sources to make an accurate assessment of the severity of your injury. If there is enough medical evidence to support your Killeen social security disability claim, the DDS will inform the SSA of your medical eligibility.

If you apply for social security disability in Killeen and your initial claim is denied, you will have 60 days from the day you receive your decision letter to file an appeal. If your appeal is also denied, your may request that your Killeen social security disability case go before an administrative law judge (ALJ). At the hearing level, 43.1% of the cases that went before a Texas ALJs at the end of 2011 were awarded.

Health Resources in Killeen

It is important that your injury is being treated by a licensed physician. If you are not currently seeing a doctor for your disability or you do not have medical coverage, there are free and reduced-cost health care facilities in Killeen that would be of service to you.

The Greater Killeen Free Clinic
309 N. 2nd Street
Killeen, TX 76541
(254) 519-0763

MetroPlex Health System
2201 S. Clear Creek Rd
Killeen, TX 76549
(866) 989-8162

Elms Creek Family / Urgent Care Clinic
3816 Clear Creek Rd, Suite E
Killeen, TX 76549
(254) 449-7410

King’s Daughters Clinic
401 W Jasper Dr
Killeen, TX 76542
(254) 554-8334

Killeen Area Mental Health Resources

If you are suffering from a mental illness which prevents you from being able work, you may qualify for social security disability in Killeen. There are Killeen mental health facilities that can be of assistance to you.

Cedar Crest Behavioral Clinic
3106 South West South Young Dr # 201B
Killeen, TX 76542
(254) 519-4162

Killeen Supplemental Social Security Benefits

The Federal social security disability benefit for an independent individual is $943 and $1,415 for a couple. Individuals who receive payments for social security disability in Killeen for at least two years automatically qualify for Medicare. For individuals with disabilities that are expected to improve, their cases will usually come up for review within 6 to 12 months. Cases for individuals with disabilities that may improve over time will usually come up for review in 3 years. Cases for individuals with permanent disabilities come up for review every 5-7 years.

When to Find an Killeen Social Security Disability Attorney

An injury which prevents you from performing the duties of your job can leave you in dire financial straits. It is important that your Killeen SSD case goes as smoothly as possible. Get the help of a licensed Killeen social security disability attorney to assist you in your case. A Texas SSD lawyer will often provide free initial consultations and won’t charge a fee unless they win your case. If your attorney wins, a standard fee of 25% of your award is collected from past due benefits. The maximum an attorney can collect for representing you in a Killeen SSD case is $6,000.

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