Lawton, Oklahoma, Social Security Disability Resources

When you apply for disability benefits in Lawton, Oklahoma, because of your inability to work because of an injury or a medical condition, you will need to provide supporting medical evidence. If you are unable to work and your condition meets specific medical criteria, your claim may be approved. Disability Determination Services (DDS) will review your claim for the Social Security Administration (SSA), so you must make sure all your medical records are in order. You must be permanently disabled, and the condition must be expected to last longer than 12 months or result in your death.

In Oklahoma, your disability claim has a 29 percent chance of being approved during the initial review. If your claim is denied, you can request a reconsideration for review. Most claims are denied at this level as well with a 13 percent approval rate. You will then request a hearing before an administrative law judge. There is a 58 percent approval rate on the hearing level.

Lawton, Oklahoma, Health Resources

A successful disability claim requires hard medical evidence. You will need to continue with medical care throughout the application process. Your medical records are important to the claim and should provide details about changes or progress. Since you are unable to work during this time and you aren’t bringing in any income, it may difficult to afford quality medical care. There are low-cost and free clinics in the Lawton area.

Hearts That Care Lawton Clinic

304 SW A Ave.
Lawton OK 73501
(580) 354-9007

Lawton Community Health Center

3811 NW Gore Blvd Ste 6
Lawton OK 73505
(580) 355-5242

Comanche County Memorial Hospital

3401 W. Gore Blvd.
Lawton, OK 73505
(580) 355-8620

Mental Health Resources in Lawton

Maintaining proper mental healthcare is essential to your overall well-being. Some mental health conditions can be disabling, and your injuries or physical conditions can cause depression, anxiety, and mental anguish. There are mental health providers in the Lawton area.

Southwestern Behavioral Health Center

1602 SW 82nd St
Lawton, OK 73505
(580) 536-0077

Jim Taliaferro Community Mental Health Center

602 SW 38th St
Lawton, OK 73505
(580) 248-5780

Lawton Supplemental Social Security Benefits

One disability program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), is needs-based. The maximum monthly benefit is $943 per month for an individual and $1,415 for a married person who is eligible for SSI. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is based on credits earned through your work history. Usually, to receive SSDI you must have worked the equivalent of five years full-time during the last 10 years.

Help with Your Lawton Social Security Disability Claim

If you are disabled in Lawton, you should speak with a Lawton Social Security Disability attorney. Most Lawton disability lawyers work on a contingency basis, so they will provide a free case review and then charge until the claim has been approved and you are awarded benefits. Schedule your free case review today so you can get your Lawton disability claim on the right track.

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