Medford, OR Social Security Disability

If you live in Medford, OR and an injury, sickness, or disability makes it impossible for you to work you can apply for Social Security disability benefits to get the money that you need to live while you can’t work. Social Security disability benefits can pay for your rent or mortgage, your monthly bills, food, and other expenses when you can’t work because of a disability. There are a lot of resources available for people with disabilities in Medford, OR.

Medford, OR City Health Resources

If you want to file a claim for Social Security disability benefits you will need to submit medical documentation of your disability as part of your claim application. Medical documentation can be anything from a diagnosis from a doctor to medical tests or medical bills. But it’s important that you have medical documentation proving that you will not be able to work in order to get your application for disability benefits approved. If you need to find a doctor and start getting care for your illness or injury you can start by making an appointment at any local area hospital or clinic like these clinics in Medford, OR:

Community Health Center
19 Myrtle St., Medford, OR 97504
Phone: (541) 773-3863

Lynchburg Social Security Disability

La Clinica Phoenix Health Care
8957 S Pacific Hwy, Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 535-6239

Providence Medical Group
965 Ellendale Dr., Medford, OR 97504
Phone: (541) 732-6000

Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits in Medford, OR

Anyone that is disabled and expects to be unable to work for at least 12 months can file a Social Security disability claim for disability benefits. If you can’t complete the application because of your disability you can have a friend, family member, caregiver, or spouse complete the application for you. You can apply for Social Security disability benefits online or you can make an appointment to apply for disability benefits in person at a local Social Security Administration office. If you are worried about filling out the application correctly or if you have questions about the application or the documentation that you need to submit with the application you should apply in person so that you can get answers that you need. The closest Social Security Administration offices to Medford, OR are:

Social Security Office
3501 Excel Dr. Suite 101, Medford, OR 97504
Phone: (800) 772-1213

Social Security Office
1730 NW Hughwood Ave., Roseburg, OR 97471
Phone: (800) 772-1213

Social Security Office
1960 S Oregon St., Yreka, CA 96097
Phone: (800) 772-1213

How A Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help You

The application for Social Security disability benefits can be confusing. You might also have questions about the type of medical documentation that you need or how much medical documentation you need to prove your claim. Talking to a Social Security disability attorney in Medford, OR can make the process of applying for disability benefits easier. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the application process quickly and easily.

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