Nashville Social Security Disability Resources

When applying for Social Security Disability in Nashville, Tennessee, you should brace yourself for a long haul, as you could face both a long wait time and denials. Typically, three quarters of the initial applications in the Nashville area are denied. This makes sense, as Tennessee has one of the overall highest denial rates in the country. The Social Security Administration does not make it easy to obtain benefits. But you can start by contacting your local Nashville Social Security office for more information.

Disability Determination Services
P.O. Box 775
Nashville, TN 37202
(615) 743-7300

Nashville Health Resources

Medical care is vital for all people, both healthy and sick. You are going to require extensive medical documentation in order to obtain Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance. However, the financial hardships of losing your job due to your disability can make it nearly impossible to afford medical treatment, especially if you no longer have insurance. Therefore, if you need assistance with your disabling condition or need help obtaining the proper documentation, consider the following places in your area that you may find assistance at.

On Your Own Youth Clinic
21900 Charlotte Ave.
Nashville, TN 37203

Main Street Clinic
905 Main St.
Nashville, TN 37206

Downtown Clinic
526 8th Ave.
Nashville, TN 37203

Dalewood School Health Clinic
1460 McGavock Pike
Nashville, TN 37216

UNHS Southside Family Clinic
107 Charles E. Davis Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37210

Waverly Family Clinic 
1501 12th Ave.
Nashville, TN 37203

United Neighborhood Health Services
617 S. 8th St.
Nashville, TN 37206

Downtown Clinic
526 8th Ave.
Nashville, TN 37203

Nashville Mental Health Resources

Mental conditions can be just as disabling as physical conditions, and certainly warrant constant attention and treatment. You are going to require a considerable amount of treatment and documentation regarding your condition to prove the severity of your condition. The reason being is simply due to the intangible nature of most mental conditions. If you are seeking mental health assistance in Nashville, consider Centerstone as an option.

Centerstone Tennessee
1101 Sixth Ave.
Nashville, TN 37208

Nashville Supplementary Disability Benefits

The state of Tennessee does not supplement the benefits awarded by the federal government’s Social Security Disability benefits. The residents of Nashville are therefore expected to live solely on the Federal Government's benefit program.

Your Nashville Social Security Disability Claim

With such high rates of denial, you should consider acquiring the services of a Nashville Social Security attorney. These professionals are experienced in the ways of the SSA and will be able to help you carefully navigate the Social Security Disability process. A Nashville Social Security Disability lawyer will work on a contingency fee basis meaning that they will not get paid unless you get paid. On another note, you will never have to pay them directly. Instead, the SSA will take a percentage of your initial disability payment to pay for your legal representation.

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