Phoenix Social Security Disability Resources

Disabled workers in Phoenix may be surprised to find out just how lengthy and stressful the process of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income in Phoenix can be. In general, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re unable to perform any job for at least a year to qualify. The first step in the process is to file an application, which can be done online, via phone, or at your local Social Security office. However, over 70% of applications are denied. After a Request for Reconsideration is filed another 10% of claims are approved. The remaining claimants will then have to wait for their turn to appear at a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. While the good news is that the majority of these hearings result in the claimant being awarded benefits, the wait for a hearing can be more than a year.

Phoenix Health Resources

Although the DDS (Disability Determination Services) employee who makes the decision regarding your claim will examine various types of evidence, by far the most important piece of the puzzle is medical records. It’s important that you receive regular treatment for the illnesses or injuries that contribute to your inability to work. However, for some disabled individuals in Phoenix, it can be hard to find and afford the necessary treatment. Below are some Phoenix resources for reduced-cost or free healthcare.

Comprehensive Health Center
2525 E. Roosevelt St.
Phoenix AZ 85008

Mountain Park Health Center
4616 N. 51st St 203
Phoenix AZ 85031

Jesse Owens Urgent Care
325 E. Baseline Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85042

Wellness To Go
8260 W. Indian School Rd 2
Phoenix AZ 85033

Virginia G. Piper Medical and Dental Clinic
420 W. Watkins Rd
Phoenix AZ 85003

South Central Health Center
33 W Tamarisk St.
Phoenix AZ 85040

7th Avenue Walk in Clinic
1201 S 7th Ave
Phoenix AZ 85007

Phoenix Mental Health Resources

If you’re seeking counseling or other mental health resources in Phoenix, you may benefit from contacting the agencies listed below. If a psychiatric condition limits your ability to work it’s important that there be records supporting this.

St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center
1800 E. VanBuren Street
Phoenix, AZ, 85005
(602) 251-8535

Behavioral Health Clinic
925 East McDowell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85006
(602) 239-6800

Phoenix Supplemental Disability Benefits

Although Arizona doesn’t pay a state supplement to those who are approved for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, those who receive these needs-based disability benefits could be eligible for medical assistance through Arizona’s Health Care Cost Containment System. Additional information can obtained on the AHCCC website or by calling 1-800-654-8713.

Your Phoenix Social Security Disability Claim

Even if you’re able to provide medical records that are very supportive of your claim for benefits, there is still a good chance that you will see a denial. It can be very beneficial to have guidance and assistance during the process, in the form of a Phoenix Social Security Disability attorney. A Phoenix disability lawyer can ensure that all appropriate evidence is submitted and being properly reviewed. They can also obtain statements from your doctors regarding your disability, and can assist you with paperwork and answer your questions along the way.

Luckily, there’s no upfront cost to retain the services of a Phoenix Social Security lawyer. Phoenix disability attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that, in the event you’re awarded benefits, they receive a fee equal to 25% of your back benefits (up to a maximum of $6,000.) If your application isn’t approved at any level, they don’t receive a fee.

If you are interested in obtaining an evaluation of your Social Security Disability case, click the "Free Disability Evaluation" link at the top of the page for your free case evaluation or to get more information about hiring a Phoenix disability attorney.

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