Santa Clarita Social Security Disability Resources

Qualifying for social security disability in Santa Clarita, CA requires you to be able to provide proof you have sustained an injury which prevents you from performing the essential tasks of your job for at least twelve consecutive months.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses medical and non-medical information to make case-by-case determinations on a worker’s eligibility to receive Social Security Disability benefits. In assessing your ability to work, the SSA will review your work history, education and age to make a determination on whether you have the skill set necessary to perform the duties of another job if you can no longer work the job you previously had.

To apply for social security disability in Santa Clarita, simply submit your application either online or at a local California SSA field office. Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed by the SSA for non-medical information before sending your case file to the California Disability Determination Services (DDS) for a medical review.

Nearly one-third of the social security disability claims filed in the state of California are awarded. Of those that are denied, most claimants never bother to submit an appeal. If you apply for social security disability benefits and your initial claim is denied, you do have the right to request that the SSA reconsider you case. If your appeal is also denied, your Santa Clarita social security disability case can be heard by an administrative law judge (ALJ) at the Los Angeles West hearing office. At the hearing level, 43.7% of the cases heard by a Los Angeles West ALJ are awarded.

Santa Clarita Health Resources

Your medical records play an important role in determining the outcome of your Santa Clarita social security disability case. If you have been injured, it is essential that you are receiving regular treatment for your injury from a licensed medical professional. If you are currently uninsured or under-insured and unable to afford the cost of medical treatment, there are free and reduced-cost resources in Santa Clarita that may be of use to you.

Santa Clarita Health Center
18533 Soledad Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91351
(661) 673-8800

AV Meridian Medical Group Inc
1007 W Ave M-14
Palmdale, CA 93550
(661) 265-7810

Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers, Inc.
25115 Avenue Stanford, Suite A-104
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 257-2339

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Santa Clarita Area Mental Health Resources

If you are suffering from a mental health issue which keeps you from being able to perform the duties of your job for at least one year, you may qualify for social security disability benefits in Santa Clarita, CA. There are mental health resources in Santa Clarita that may be of assistance to you.

Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital
25727 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 253-8989

County of Los Angeles – Santa Clarita Mental Health Center
23501 Cinema Dr # 210
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 288-4800

Santa Clarita Supplemental Social Security Benefits

California pays supplemental benefits to individuals that qualify for social security disability. The Federal social security disability benefit for an independent individual is $943 and $1,415 for a couple.

Your Santa Clarita Social Security Disability Claim

For many workers, the decision to seek legal counsel isn’t a consideration until after their initial Santa Clarita SSD claim has been denied. But it may be in your best interest to hire a Santa Clarita social security disability attorney early on in the process.

A California disability attorney will often provide free initial consultation and typically won’t charge you a fee unless (s)he wins your case. If your attorney wins, a standard fee of 25% of your award is collected from past due benefits or through a fee petition. The maximum an attorney can collect is $6,000.

If you are interested in obtaining an evaluation of your Social Security Disability case, click the "Free Disability Evaluation" link at the top of the page for your free case evaluation or to get more information about hiring a Santa Clarita disability lawyer.

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