Toledo Social Security Disability Resources

Being eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in Toledo, OH, requires substantiating a claim for complete disability with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Under the SSA’s guidelines, you must have been completely incapable of working for a year or more due to a long-term or permanently disabling condition before applying for Toledo disability benefits.

The application process for Toledo disability benefits is complex and can take 16 or more months to run its course. The process starts with your initial application, and about 55% of applicants are denied at this stage. If you’re among those denied, you’ll have to request a second review of your claim. If you’re denied again, you’ll need to file an appeal and have your case heard by an administrative law judge.

There are several ways to apply for Toledo disability benefits. You can phone the SSA, at (800)772-1213, schedule an appointment with your local Ohio SSA office, or complete your application online with the SSA’s website, here. For assistance finding your local SSA office, call the number above or visit the SSA Office Locator webpage, here.

Toledo Health Resources

The local Toledo SSA office to which you turn in your application will review your file for completeness and then send it to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) office. The DDS reviews all medical documentation in your file to determine eligibility for SSD under SSA guidelines. To receive benefits, you must document ongoing and regular medical care has been received for your disability. Paying for healthcare with limited income can be hard. Here are a few Toledo disability resources for low cost and free medical services which may help out.

Cordelia Martin Health Center

430 Nebraska Ave,
Toledo, OH 43604-8540

Huron Street Women’s Center

923 N Huron St,
Toledo, OH 43604-1715

Southside Community Health Center

732 South Ave,
Toledo, OH 43609-2768

River East Community Health Center

117 Main St,
Toledo, OH 43605-2091

Lucas County Carenet

3231 Central Park West, #200,
Toledo, OH 43617

Neighborhood Health Association of Toledo

313 Jefferson Ave,
Toledo, OH 43604

Toledo Mental Health Resources

You may be applying for Toledo disability benefits based on disability mental illness or other mental or psychological condition. Or maybe there’s a psychological, mental or psychiatric component to your physical disability. Regardless of the role mental health plays in your disability, you’ll need to document that you’ve received ongoing treatment from a mental health or behavioral health services provider for your SSD application. Here are a few Toledo disability resources for free and low cost mental healthcare providers.

Family Service of Northwest Ohio

701 Jefferson, Suite 301,
Toledo, OH 43604

Unison Behavioral Health Group

544 East Woodruff Ave,
Toledo, OH 43604

Zepf Community Mental Health Center

6605 West Central Ave,
Toledo, OH 43617

For additional resources, contact the Ohio Department of Mental Health at (614)466-2596.

Toledo Supplemental Security Benefits

Individuals found eligible for Toledo disability benefits may also be able to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), as well as Medicare and Medicaid. SSI helps pay for daily needs including residential care or assisted living, if those services are needed, and Medicare and Medicaid cover medical costs and related healthcare expenses. To learn more about applying for SSI, contact the Toledo SSA office at:

Social Security Administration

Four Seagate, Suite 1000,
Toledo, OH 42604

To learn more about Medicaid and Medicare, contact:

Ohio Department of Employment and Family Services

Lucas County Health and Human Services
3210 Monroe St,
Toledo, OH 43699-0007

Your Toledo Social Security Disability Claim

While there’s absolute guarantee of approval for disability benefits a Toledo Social Security lawyer can increase your chances of being found eligible. As a disabled person, you have limited income, and may be worried about how you’ll pay for the services of a Toledo Social Security attorney. You don’t need to be, as no fees are charged by SSD lawyers unless you actually receive benefits, at which time the attorney would get 25% (to a max of $6,000) of any retroactive SSD payments you receive.

For a free Social Security Disability case review and evaluation contact a qualified Toledo disability attorney.

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