Yonkers Social Security Disability Resources

You may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits in Yonkers if you are an eligible worker who has suffered a debilitating injury that prevents you from being able to work for at least twelve months.

The Social Security Administration (SSA), in conjunction with the New York State Division of Disability Determinations (DDD) renders Social Security Disability decisions based on both medical and non-medical information. You can complete and submit your application either online or at a local NY field office. Once the application has been submitted, the SSA reviews your application to make eligibility determinations on your non-medical criteria such as income and work credit requirements.

Once your non-medical review is complete, the file is sent to the DDD for medical review. The DDD uses the information in your medical records to determine the severity of your disability and present a projection of your expected recovery period. If you apply for Social Security Disability in Yonkers and your initial claim is denied, you have 65 days from the date of your decision letter to request a reconsideration of your case. In the state of New York, about 38% of all initial Social Security Disability claims are awarded and 15% of the reconsideration's are awarded. If you appealed the SSA’s initial decision and your claim is denied a second time, you have the right to request that your Yonkers Social Security disability case be heard by a White Plains administrative law judge (ALJ). At the hearing level, 48.6% of the Social Security Disability claims that are heard by a White Plains ALJ are awarded.

Health Resources in Yonkers

If you are injured, you should make every effort to seek out medical treatment. The DDD places high importance on the information contained in your medical file to back your disability claim. If there is not sufficient evidence in your file to support your claim, your claim may be denied. So make sure that you are receiving regular treatment for your injury.

If you are uninsured or underinsured, there are several reduced-cost and free health facilities in the Yonkers area which may be of service to you.

Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center
107 West Fourth Street,
Mount Vernon, New York 10550
(914) 699-7200

Yonkers Community Health Center
30 South Broadway,
Yonkers, New York 10701
(914) 968-4898

Westchester Bronx OB Gyn Group PC
1990 Central Park Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10710-2444
(914 961 1204)

Community Health – Hudson River HealthCare
Yonkers - Valentine Lane
503 South Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10705

Yonkers Mental Health Resources

Your mental health is an important part of your overall health. If you are suffering from a mental illness that keeps you from being able to perform the duties of your job, you must see a mental health professional in the Yonkers area for treatment and documentation.

Center For Preventive Psychiatry
30 South Broadway
Yonkers, NY 10701
(914 375 2232)

Saint Joseph Medical Center
8 Guion Street
Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) 378-7566

Yonkers Mental Health
15 Lamartine Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) 375-2185

Yonkers Supplemental Benefits

How state supplemental benefits work with your federal benefits:

If you are approved for either Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the state of New York will give you benefits in addition to what you are already receiving from the federal government. The combined monthly maximum of state and federal Social Security Disability payments you can receive is $943 per individual and $1,415 per disabled couple.

Getting Assistance with Your Yonkers Social Security Disability Claim

If you apply for Social Security Disability benefits in Yonkers and your claim is denied, it can take well over a year to finally get your case awarded after you undergo the appeals process. If you must submit a second appeal, beware that the average time it takes for your case to be heard by a White Plains Social Security Disability administrative law judge is 335 days.

You have the right to hire a Yonkers Social Security Disability attorney to assist you with your case. A Yonkers SSD lawyer is paid on a contingency basis. As well, your attorney will not be paid unless your disability claim is approved. If you are approved, your Yonkers SSD Attorney will receive either 25% of the back pay you are awarded or $6,000, whichever amount is lower. For a free evaluation of your Social Security Disability case contact a Yonkers disability lawyer to represent you during your claim for Social Security Disability benefits.

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