Newark Social Security Disability Resources

When you submit an application for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in Newark, NJ, it’s very common for there to be several months pass before a final determination on your eligibility is made. The initial application may take up to six months to go through review, and the majority of claims (55%) are denied at this stage. A denied claimant can file a Request for Reconsideration; however, the approval rate is not much higher the second time around. The last stage in the process is to appeal, which will place your application before an administrative law judge. You should anticipate at least a year or more before your claim goes through the entire process, including all reviews and appeals.

The guidelines of the Social Security Administration (SSA) for disability require an individual to be completely unable to work as a result of long term or permanent disability for a period of one year or longer before they apply for benefits. To complete an application for Newark disability benefits, you can call the SSA at (800)772-1213, contact your local SSA field office, or use the SSA’s online application forms, here. If you need assistance finding your local field office, call the SSA phone line listed above, or utilize the online SSA Office Locator service, here.

Newark Health Resources

Your completed application for Newark disability benefits should be submitted to your local SSA office. The staff there will review the application to make sure all documentation is present before sending it on to the Newark Disability Determination Services Office (DDS). The DDS then reviews all of the medical documentation your application contains, and in order to be found eligible, you’ll need to show you have received ongoing treatment from appropriate physicians and other health practitioners. Paying for healthcare when disabled and on a limited income can be very difficult. Here are a few Newark disability resources for low cost and free health services that may help.

Newark Community Health Center
St. James Campus
155 Jefferson St,
Newark, NJ 07105-1706

Newark Community Health Center
741 Broadway,
Newark, NJ 07104-4309

North Newark Health Center
751 Broadway,
Newark, NJ 07104-4309

Dayton Street Health Center
101 Ludlow St,
Newark, NJ 07114-1108

Newark Mental Health Resources

Many SSD applicants are disabled due to a psychological or mental condition. Many more suffer from these kinds of conditions in conjunction with physically disabling ailments. If either is the case for you, you’ll need to show you have also received ongoing treatment from a behavioral or mental health services provider. Here are some Newark disability resources for free and low cost mental health services.

Newark Community Health Center
516 Bergen St,
Newark, NJ 07108

Mt. Carmel Guild Behavioral Healthcare
58 Freeman St,
Newark, NJ 07105

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
210 Lehigh Ave,
Newark, NJ 07112

University Behavioral Healthcare
183 S Orange Ave,
Newark, NJ 07103

Newark Supplemental Security Benefits

The Federal Social Security Disability benefit for an independent individual is $943 and $1,415 for a couple. If approved for Newark disability benefits, you may also be eligible for other services, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid and Medicare. SSI is most often available to those who require residential care or other similar services. Medicaid and Medicare pay a range of medical expenses. To learn more about SSI, contact the Newark SSA Office at:

Social Security Administration
970 Broad St, Room 1035,
Newark, NJ 07102

To learn more about Medicaid and Medicare, contact:

Essex County Department of Citizen Services
50 South Clinton Ave, Suite 5400,
East Orange, NJ 07018

Your Newark Social Security Disability Claim

The medical documentation in your application for Newark disability benefits must be extensive in order to be found eligible. Even with exceptional medical detail however, there is no guarantee you’ll be approved for SSD. A Newark Social Security lawyer can increase your odds.

As a person with limited finances, you may be worried about how you will pay for legal services, but a Newark Social Security attorney charges no upfront fees for their services. In fact, they are only paid if you are found eligible for SSD. If approved, the disability lawyer would receive 25% (up to $6,000 max) of the retroactive benefits you are issued at the advent of SSD payments.

For a free Social Security Disability case contact a Newark disability lawyer.

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