Top 5 Benefits of Working with an Attorney

Millions of people in the United States currently suffer from a disability. Thankfully, Social Security is a government-funded program that provides disability benefits to those who are too impaired to work. While it’s benefits are great, the approval process can be lengthy and frustrating for all involved, especially if the initial application is denied.

When applying for disability, the best way to boost your chances of approval is to speak with a disability attorney. Continue below to see the top five ways an attorney can increase your chances of receiving benefits.

1. You can evaluate your chances before applying.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) details the requirements needed to qualify for benefits on their website. However, between the different types of insurance and the fine details of qualification, some applicants can be overwhelmed before they even begin the process.

Social Security disability attorneys are well-versed in the process and know just what to look for in a case. They can evaluate your situation for you, simplifying terms to explain if and how you may qualify for benefits. Even better, initial consultations with attorneys are absolutely free.

2. You can get help checking in with the SSA.

Multiple times throughout the application process, the SSA may contact you asking for additional information, clarification, or updated information regarding your case. Keeping this paperwork straight can be confusing and difficult to track.

Benefits of Working With a Disability Attorney

Attorneys are familiar with whatever demands the SSA may make. They can compile requests and file whatever paperwork necessary, helping you to remain unstressed and focused on your well-being.

3. Attorneys can compile and submit medical evidence for you.

Depending on your diagnosis, the SSA will require different kinds of paperwork to prove disability. This may require physician’s notes, documents of medical history, or various additional tests that show the presence of a disorder.

With your permission, attorneys can assist you in compiling medical paperwork, communicating with your doctor, and getting documents in the mail to send to the SSA. Their experience also ensures that all documents are formatted and presented in the best shape possible, lessing the chance of mistakes in your application.

4. You can receive legal defense in court.

Occasionally, an applicant’s initial claim for disability will be denied If this happens, the applicant may ask for reconsideration of their claim, or even opt to have their application reviewed by a local administrative law judge (ALJ).

Applicants attending hearings for their case are much more likely to win if they are represented by a disability attorney. Not only is the attorney familiar with the case, but they will know exactly what evidence and arguments to make in order to boost your chances of receiving benefits.

5. Attorneys aren’t paid unless you win your case.

As stated in government law, disability attorneys are required to work on “contingency”. This means that they are only paid if you win your case. Their pay comes from your case’s backpay award, which is the lump sum you receive to cover the months between becoming disabled and receiving disability pay.

Even then, attorneys are not allowed to charge you more than 25% of your backpay. This means that, regardless of outcome, you will never be forced to pay out of pocket or face any financial strain due to an attorney’s assistance.

Contacting a Social Security Attorney

If you feel you may qualify for disability benefits, consider speaking with an attorney. A disability attorney is an irreplaceable resource when filing out applications, keeping paperwork organized, and aiding you in the appeals process if necessary. To give yourself the best chance at receiving the assistance you deserve, speak with a disability attorney today.

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