Can I Get Social Security Disability if I Used to Work as a Shipping Clerk?

Disability Benefits for Shipping Clerks

Shipping clerks are responsible for recording, checking and storing the materials that are sent and received by the company they work for. The job requires basic business math skills, typing, filing and advanced record-keeping skills. Because more machines and computers are being introduced into the shipping clerk occupation, the ability to use these machines is becoming a must for many shipping clerk positions. However, machines are not able to replace all of the functions performed by a shipping clerk. Because of this, these professionals are often responsible for checking packages as they leave the warehouse and weighing the packages in order to look up and determine the shipping rates. Many shipping clerks are also in charge of preparing invoices for the packages being shipped by their employers.

While the occupation of a shipping clerk is not necessarily a high-risk position, there are times at which a shipping clerk may be in danger. For example, if packages that are handled by the shipping clerk are unsafe for shipping, the clerk's may be at risk of being injured. These individuals may also be at risk of falling packages, forklift accidents and other on-the-job risks. When a shipping clerk suffers from a job-related disability or other long-term illness or disabling condition, they may be able to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Working with a Disability as a Shipping Clerk

The position of a shipping clerk is not necessarily a highly-skilled job, but there are job-related skills that pertain to the position that would not be easily transferred to another type of work. For example, if a shipping clerk were to suffer an injury that left him immobilized, he would no longer be able to perform the duties required of his position. However, if the Social Security Administration determined that the individual's skills could be applied to another job in the national economy or that the Social Security Disability applicant could be trained for a less taxing job, the claimant's Social Security Disability benefits may be denied.

When a shipping clerk is injured or suffers an illness that results in a long-term or permanent disability, the financial burdens can quickly become overwhelming. If the disability is not job related, workers compensation benefits will not be available to the individual. To make matters worse, many disabled shipping clerks will be denied disability benefits during the initial stage of the Social Security Disability claim process, resulting in the need for a lengthy appeal. This is why it is important for disabled shipping clerks to file for Social Security Disability benefits as soon as possible.

Because shipping clerks are not highly-skilled professionals, it may be easier for these individuals to obtain disability benefits than it would be for those who hold highly-skilled positions, such as lawyers or accountants. However, there are many factors that will be taken into consideration before the Social Security Administration approves or denies a disability claim such as the age of the applicant, the residual work capacity of the individual who is filing the claim and the severity of the disabling condition. If, after reviewing these facts, the Social Security Administration decides that the disability applicant can be retrained to perform other types of work activity or it is determined that they can perform a less strenuous position in the same field, the application for Social Security Disability benefits will be denied.

Applying for Social Security Disability as a Shipping Clerk

When a disabled shipping clerk applies for Social Security Disability benefits, an adjudicator will review the claimant's file and will review whether or not the applicant is able to perform any type of work at all. Regardless of the severity of your disability, if the SSA finds that you can perform other types of work activity, your claim for disability benefits will be denied. This is why it is crucial that you fill out your claim forms properly in order to help the adjudicator who is reviewing your file understand why you are unable to perform any type of work activity in the national economy.

One of the best ways to improve your chances of obtaining an approval of your Social Security Disability benefits is to retain the services of a qualified Social Security Disability attorney or advocate. These professionals can help you prepare your disability claim, ensuring that you are providing the Social Security Information with the information that will be necessary to understand the severity of your condition and how it prevents you from being able to perform any form of substantial gainful work activity.

If, for some reason, your initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits is denied, your advocate or attorney can represent you through the appeal process and represent you at your disability hearing. At this hearing, your attorney can bring in expert witnesses, such as vocational experts, to testify on your behalf. For example, the professional representing you may bring in an expert witness who can verify that your disability prevents you from performing any work in the shipping field and that your age or other ailments prevents you from being able to obtain training for another type of work. Statistics show that applicants who work with disability advocates or attorneys are more likely to receive Social Security Disability benefits than those who go on to represent themselves.

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