Can I get help with Form SSA 3368?

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The Adult Disability Report form, which is also known as Form SSA 3368, is one of the first and most important forms of a disability claim. This report is the cornerstone of your disability application with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and provides Disability Determination Services (DDS) with what they need to review your claim and make a decision on your eligibility for benefits.

SSA Disability and the Adult Disability Report

Whether you complete the Adult Disability Report online, as a hard copy document, or at the local SSA office, with the assistance of a disability representative, this form covers all of the essential details required for an SSA disability application.

It serves as the primary document in your disability claim and drives how the DDS considers your eligibility for benefits. This makes form SSA 3368 one of the most critical pieces of your disability application, since the answers you provide on this report affect every step of the disability review process.

How the DDS uses Form 3368

The DDS is tasked with reviewing your disability application to decide if you meet the SSA’s eligibility rules for disability benefits. The disability examiner assigned to your claim will use form 3368 to get:

  • Contact information for your various healthcare providers, allowing them to obtain copies of your medical records for review
  • Details of your former employment, including job duties, rate of pay, and contact information for former employers
  • Information on other people that know about your disability and can potentially help with your application, like friends, family members, or social workers, for example
  • Details of your education, job training, and other qualifications, which play a part in how “employable” you are, given the limitations any serious medical condition places on you
  • Specifics about all of your medical conditions, including diagnosis and treatment details

These are just a few examples of the crucial information that the adult disability report conveys about your circumstances, including the limitations you experience due to your medical condition(s).

Getting Help with Your Disability Report

You can complete the Adult Disability Report yourself or someone else can fill out this form on your behalf. Even if you have someone else complete the application for you however, there will still be forms you must sign, including an authorization to release medical information, among others.

You can get help with completing the Adult Disability Report from anyone you choose, including a Social Security representative at the local branch office. Someone else can even complete the form on your behalf, like a friend, family member, social worker, disability advocate, or attorney.

A disability lawyer that specializes in handling Social Security claims may be the most beneficial resource though, since he or she can advise you on which aspects of your medical history to emphasize on this critical document.

He or she can additionally assist throughout the application and review processes and can even represent you at an appeal hearing, if one is necessary in order for you to achieve a disability approval.

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Steve (not verified)

I know someone that is

I know someone that is cashing her ex husbands ssi check while he is in prison And he doesn't know is this ok

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Hi Steve,

Hi Steve,

If she still qualifies as his depended than she can still collect under his benefits while he is in jail.

However, if she is not already receiving payments under his SSI, then that should be reported.


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