What is an Adult Function Report?

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An Adult Function Report (AFR) is a questionnaire used by the SSA to determine if you qualify for a disability benefits. The SSA requires that you complete this form so that it can be certain your disability is severe enough to make it eligible for a disability benefit.

You need to fill this in with information about your disability that states the symptoms from it will last for at least twelve months as this is the key requirement for assessing your eligibility for a disability benefit.

What is the Adult Function Report?

It is a 10 page form called Form SSA-3373 and is used by the SSA to determine how your medical condition impacts your daily life. As soon as you become disabled as a result of your medical condition you should complete the questionnaire and provide honest and specific answers to the questions you are given to answer.

You only have a limited time to complete the form, which is typically 10 days from the date of the letter with Social Security’s request. You certainly shouldn’t rush when completing the form as it remains on your record throughout your entire case and cannot be modified.

What Questions Are in the Adult Function Report?

There are several questions you are required to answer on the form which may include any of the following:

  • Do you need help caring for anyone else or pets?
  • Do you spend time with others, like your family members or friends?
  • What are your hobbies and how often do you take part in them?
  • Do you need help bathing, getting dressed or feeding yourself?
  • Do you go to certain places on a regular basis despite your disability?
  • Do you cook your own food and how long does it take you to complete this task?
  • Are there things you used to do that your disability now prevents you from accomplishing?

Question 5 is one of the trickiest to answer as it asks, “How do your illnesses, injuries, or conditions limit your ability to work?” For the answer you shouldn’t just list the symptoms of your medical condition but you should describe exactly what tasks you couldn't do at your previous jobs that forced you to stop work or be terminated by your employer.

When Is the Adult Function Report Filled Out?

Once you have filed your initial application you will then be asked by the SSA to complete Form SSA-3373. This is normally about one month after you have filed your initial application.

If you have been asked to complete an Adult Function Report, the SSA is trying to get an understanding of the activities that you are still able to do despite your disability.

It will assess your Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) report that you would have completed in the presence of your doctor or one appointed by the SSA.

Get Help with Your Disability Claim

Completing Form SSA-3373 is no easy task as if you fail to mention one key fact about the constraints of your disability your claim may be denied.

However, if you work with an attorney by requesting a free case evaluation you have a higher chance of qualifying for disability benefits than if you file the claim on your own.

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