How to Find a Physician if You Don’t Have One

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Physicians are an invaluable resource when you are dealing with a disorder of any kind. There is no substitute for their consistent check-ups, medical tests, prescriptions, and suggestions. However, on top of this, physicians are even more important when applying for disability benefits.

Continue below to learn why physicians make all the difference when filling out your application, and how you can begin looking for a doctor near you.

Why a Physician is Necessary

The Social Security disability application is famous for being tricky and rather lengthy. Not only is your financial and tax history required, but your detailed medical history is also necessary to demonstrate why your disability is severe enough to require benefits.

When the SSA evaluates your medical history, the organization will be comparing your diagnosis and specific medical tests to the corresponding entry in the “Blue Book.” This is difficult to do without the help of a current physician, especially when dealing with test numbers and ratios.

It is also common for the frequency and date of testing to play a role in receiving benefits. For instance, say you have all of the medical tests in question to prove your respiratory disorder. If the tests are 5 years old, the SSA may still deny your benefits on the grounds that they cannot understand your current condition well enough.

Aside from incurable or genetic disorders, tests should be no more than one year old when using them as evidence for your current condition. This is where a physician really comes in handy.

How to Find a Physician for Your SSD Claim

Lastly, physicians can provide their personal experience with you as a patient. When applying for benefits, it is always better to play it safe and provide as much evidence as possible.

This includes physician notes from every check-up, medication lists, and even a formal testimony endorsing your need for benefits. Physicians’ opinions can occasionally hold weight in a disability determination and bolster your disability application.

Finding the Right Physician for You

Finding a physician should be priority number one when handling your disorder. This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on your situation:

1. Contact your insurance for a list of covered physicians in your area. If you have medical insurance, you can contact the number on the back of your medical card or simply visit your insurance provider’s website to find a list of physicians in your area. Physicians are typically organized by specialization, allowing you to choose the best doctor for your needs.
2. Use an unaffiliated physician-search website. Whether you are or are not covered by insurance, there are plenty of free websites available with information regarding physicians in your area. Factors such as rates, location, and physician history are usually provided upfront so you can find a professional within your price range that you feel comfortable trying.
3. Ask family or friends for recommendations. Though your disorder may require more specific assistance, word of mouth is a great way to find a doctor that is trusted by a loved one. This can help you to build a relationship with your physician faster, and potentially lead to further connections or (if you’re lucky) financial lenience along the way.

Considering a Disability Attorney

If you continue to have trouble finding a physician, or are generally confused about how to move forward with your application, consider speaking with a disability attorney. Your attorney’s legal experience covers not only the disability application and its proceedings, but the preparation process as well.

Their connections may even help you to find a specialized physician faster and more reliably than by using other methods. Consider a free consultation with a disability attorney today to give yourself the best chance at receiving the benefits you deserve.

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