Social Security Documents (Evidence or Proofs)

When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you will first file an application and may then go into the Social Security District Office for your interview. When you go in for your interview, you will want to assemble as many pertinent documents as possible to expedite your claim so that you will be able to receive disability benefits as soon as possible. Do not delay in applying for benefits until you have all of these documents.

Assemble all the medical records already in your possession. This includes both past medical records to establish the date of onset of your disability and recent medical records to indicate that you are still currently impaired. Also, bring a list of your current medications together with an explanation of why each medication was prescribed, how often you take each medication, and the dosage. You will also want a list of medical treatment facilities and doctors you have seen, together with contact information (street address, telephone number, website address, etc.). One of the major delays in processing a Social Security Disability claim is the length of time it takes to get medical reports. Keep in mind that the more records you can provide, the quicker your case can be heard.

Prepare a detailed work history, including job titles, dates worked, and a description of the duties performed for each job. Your job history should go back 15 years.

Bring with you any workers’ compensation information you may have. Be sure to have any settlement agreement and to provide the date of injury, your claim number, and proof of any other disability award made in connection with your workers’ compensation claim.

Social Security will want to see your original birth certificate (not a copy) and your Social Security card. They will also ask you to provide the names and dates of birth of your minor children and spouse, as well as the dates of all your marriages and divorces. They will also ask you to provide the name, address, and phone number of a person they can contact in the event they are unable to get in touch with you.

Gather your financial information as well, including your checking and savings account numbers. If you want direct deposit for your benefit checks, ensure that you have the bank's nine-digit routing number. Take a cancelled check with you from the account into which you wish your benefits deposited.

It is a good idea to make a complete copy of all the documents you bring with you, retain the originals and give Social Security the copies.

Again, do not delay your application for Social Security Disability benefits until you have assembled everything noted here. You can continue to be active in your Social Security disability claim and to furnish missing information as you obtain it.

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