Lump sum back payment

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I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.

sue (not verified)
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if a persone is receiving federal disability payments and social security disability payments and then receives a shedule award for their work injury can they keep the money received in the schedule award.. or will social security want that...


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Hi Sue,
If they're receiving SSI benefits, they may become ineligible for benefits if they go over SSI's limits on income or financial assets.

sue (not verified)

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is there a web site to find out that information...

Clyde (not verified)
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I got approved in May for social security disability but I applied in February. I got improved with no problems but not getting my first payment until September but I was wonder will I just get the monthly amount or will I get back money since February ?


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Hi Clyde,
You may be eligible for back pay from your Established Onset Date, but you may want to contact a local SSA office about what you'd be eligible for back pay for.

Laporsha (not verified)
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I received my baby's first back payment February 28 it's September this makes 7 months I was told we will receive a payment every 6 months but I have not received his second payment yet.

Britney (not verified)
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I want to get off ssi , can I get my last lump sum payment early if I do?

Charlie (not verified)
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My wife was just approved for Disability insurance (SSDI, the one that is strictly for people who are disabled, nothing to do with a financial based disability supplement.)

She is entitled to back pay and there has already been an ACH prenote credit US TREAS 303 SOC SEC posted to our account (on Sept 5, 2017).

However, after reading the letter she got yesterday from Social security, it sates they may have to reduce the benefits if she received Supplemental Security income (SSI) for this period.

Since we got the prenote for 0$ last week, is that an indication they have already determined she didn't received Supplemental Security income, if so, how long does it take to get the funding put into the account after the Prenote of $0


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Hi Charlie,
That may just be a form letter if she did not receive SSI benefits, but I really could not say that the prenote indicates that your wife did not receive SSI benefits.

Brad (not verified)
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My attorney was paid this week. So how long on avg does it take for them to release my back pay?? I was understanding it was just 1-2 days. Is this correct??


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Hi Brad,
It would depend on which benefit you are receiving, if you are receiving SSDI benefits, you would receive your back pay in about four months after you start receiving monthly benefits.

Kacee (not verified)
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I received my first back time pay and i had to get a car so i can have transportation back and forth to my dr appointments, so 2 weeks later where i was staying they kicked me out their house and i found a place to rent and I really need the rest of my back time pay so I could have somewhere to stay, im trying to see how could i get the rest of my money so I want be out on the streets I got a letter from the landlord who is renting me the place and took it to my worker so I'm wondering how long it will take

Jeanette (not verified)
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My daughter lived with me 40 months while fighting to get ssi on the condition she pay me back does ssi pay it because they counted my suppot as her income and cut her back pay and monthly check down.

mary (not verified)
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Was told from ssa fo.that my dire need cash was released on 9-15-17 so when can i get it.


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Hi Mary,

We are not affiliated with the SSA, so I can't say for sure. I would recommend speaking to a SSA representative at 1-800-772-1213.

Cody (not verified)
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I get my First Check Oct 11th How long will it take for my Back Pay??

Meryl (not verified)
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I see a lot on here about SSI but my husband was told at his hearing that he's being approved for a Social Security disability. Are there any restrictions on what you use your backpay for when you're getting SSD? For SSD how will they break up his back payment? Two payments? Three payments? We fought for 8 1/2 years to get approved so he has quite a lump sum coming. I have to put out there how ridiculous it is that you do have to wait so long to finally get approved and then you have to wait another six months to a year to have all of your money. If I am wrong about that please let me know. I'm hoping someone does something about that someday.


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HI there,
SSDI benefits have fewer restrictions because they are not based on income, but rather work record. Back pay is paid in one lump sum. Generally you have a good bit of freedom as to how you can use that back pay.

anonomys (not verified)
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My husband was approved for disability benefits and has had his meeting with SS, he was given a breakdown as to what his monthly benefits were going to be, but we recently received a letter with an EOB for SSI payments should we combine the SSI amount with the SSDI to get an understanding of what his benefit amount should be , very confusing.


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HI there,
If he is eligible for both programs, his benefits would be both combined, up to a maximum of $755 a month (this is the SSI limit)

Senaa (not verified)
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I just got my 2nd payment this month ' I wanna bye a car is it possible I can get another payment early ?


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Hi Senaa,
You may be eligible for this, but it's a good idea to contact your local SSA office regarding this.

Vernetta (not verified)
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I wanted to get help while waiting on my results

Betty. Davis (not verified)
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How. Do i apply for ssi. Back paid

David (not verified)
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How do I apply for a lump some

L.H (not verified)
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If i have lump sum coming. back pay can. I go in to ss off and ask for hardship check if i need it

Magen Ronquillo (not verified)
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My son gets ssi and I was wanting to know when he gets backpay all at once or twice

Pam (not verified)
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My daughter was shot and my grandson was killed the gunman is up on capital murder trial trial starts end of Oct I got 1istalment of backpay have one inslment left would they release that money so I could go to trial out of state


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Hi Pam,
I'm sorry to hear about that! They may be able to do so, you may also want to reach out to the office of Victim Assistance in your state, they also may be able to help with this.

Sal (not verified)
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I received a lum sum while on SSI I know that I have to save my receipts and spend all the money. What happens after that. Do I just get my regular payments back?


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HI Sal,
I could not say as many people receive a lump sum but are not awarded monthly benefits. You may still be eligible for monthly benefits if you spend the lump sum.

Sally (not verified)
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Just wanted to know how long it would be before I get my back pay asked for early back pay for emergency after hurraccia today my bby needs clothes shoes new bed ect

Shelby (not verified)
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If my son received his first installment but we spent that now he needs more money but it haven't been, 6 months yet can he ask for a advance payment

Andyy (not verified)
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Hey im new here so i have a question if my daughter was approved for ssi on august 29,2017 when will i get her first instalment if they told me they owe me 13.000


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Hi There,

Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer for that. I would recommend checking in regularly with the status of your account.

David Engle (not verified)
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What is the best way to get my sis benefits reinstated and can I get back pay

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