Social Security Payment Snafu

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My wife and I are disabled and have been on SS for about 10 years. Last year my wife decided to change banks and went through the process to do so with the SSA. She decided not long after that she wanted to stay where she was and contacted the SSA to cancel, which they said they did over the phone and we confirmed it on the web site.

This month, even though there is no actual account at the other bank the SSA tried to deposit it over there even after confirming the change was canceled. Main02 Right now the money is in limbo and rent is due. We cannot contact them until Monday but we were wondering if anyone has had this problem and knows what the SSA can do? Is this a major problem? Will this take months to fix as it did to implement the change in the first place?

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was awarded my disability claim in aug..have not seen a nickle of my retroactive attorney has been paid ...but not me? In oct they said nov they said dec now they say maybe in a few weeks? My house just went into foreclosure because of this..I need a lawyer who isn't afraid of ss.


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Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear about that! It takes about four months from the time that you start receiving disability benefits to receive back pay if any is owed.

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