Do I qualify for the little person disability at 4'11"

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 07/21/2011 - 19:38

I am 4' 11" tall and i am wondering if I qualify for disability?

Enie stanton (not verified)
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Am 4foot 9 am i a miget and do i qualifty


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Hi There,

If you are simply 4"9 and have no other physical ailments, you can not qualify for Social Security benefits.

T.m (not verified)
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Is 4'11 considered Dwarf Height?


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The Little People of America (LPA) defines dwarfism as a medical or genetic condition that usually results in an adult height of 4'10" or shorter.

trina (not verified)
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Was told today that you can can get disability money if you ate 4ft 10 just wouldn't never heard of it myself in 63 n don't work .had cancer n under hospital for nex four years

Anonymous (not verified)
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Can I get disability for being under five foot


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Hi There,

If you are simply 5'0" and have no other ailing conditions, you will not be approved for Social Security benefits.

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I am 4"10, I have type 2 diabetes, neuropathy, asthma. I can hardly stand on my legs they hurt so bad. Do I qualify for disability?


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Hi there,
I could not say, you may want to contact the SSA regarding your application for benefits.

Lydia Mitton (not verified)
Mon, 02/05/2018 - 15:37 Permalink

I'm 4'9, I'm 24 and i will stay this size for the rest of my life due to my growth plates stopping around the ages 8-11 i hadn't realized i might be eligible until my friends said something about it.
I'm wondering if i qualify.


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HI Lydia,
You may be eligible if health complications due to your stature make you unable to work, however you would not qualify simply based on height.

Jean (not verified)
Sat, 02/17/2018 - 12:07 Permalink

I am 62 years old and just applied for an early retirement, I have a daughter that is 14 years old. My question is will she be qualify for disability under me since she is only 4'9" tall?

THank you


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Hi Jean,

If she is simply 4'9 and no has other physical or mental ailments then she will not qualify for SSDI or SSI

Cindy (not verified)
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I head diagnosed with osteoporosis just over a year ago and have lost an inch in height. Which makes me 4' 11". Also have an ongoing ss file, could this height thing be added as a disability?


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Hi Cindy,

Unfortunately that cannot be added as a disability. But you can include that in your medical records/evidence for your osteoporosis case. Best of luck.

Tila-Jean Burdick (not verified)
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I'm a 5 foot tall female and I'm 25 years old. Am I legally a midget?


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Hi There,

The Little People of America (LPA) defines dwarfism as a medical or genetic condition that usually results in an adult height of 4'10" or shorter.

Marie (not verified)
Sat, 03/10/2018 - 19:33 Permalink

I am 4.10 I have asthma and when I walk a block I am wheezing

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