Do I qualify for the little person disability at 4'11"

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 07/21/2011 - 19:38

I am 4' 11" tall and i am wondering if I qualify for disability?

Lynda adair (not verified)
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I'm only 4'5 but have No health problems besides thyroid and qualify for a disability?


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Hi Lynda,
It sounds like your health issues are managed, so no, unless you are ill and actually unable to work, you will not qualify.


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Hi Leah,

If you are simply under 4'5 and do not have a disability, you will not qualify for benefits.

Best Wishes,


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Hi There,

Your height along will not qualify you. If you have a disabling condition that meets the corresponding Blue Book listing, then you may qualify.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Is 4"11 considered a midget


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Hi there,
Generally people with dwarfism would not call themselves 'midgets' and may consider the word offensive.

Dallas (not verified)

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Thank you, Brian, for educating people. That term is so offensive.


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Hi Dallas,
You're very welcome! We try to make sure we're a "people first" organization.

D (not verified)
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Hi there, first off, "little person" is the non-offensive and socially correct term. I went ahead and changed the title of this thread, because obviously someone who was previously moderating the forum did not catch it. Dwarfism is a medical condition. It is a genetic disorder that can be determined by genetic testing. More often than not, people with dwarfism have proportional torsos, but smaller arms and legs. Dwarfism can be passed on to children genetically. Typically, the threshold for Dwarfism is 4'10" and lower, but a smaller height alone is NOT the same thing as having dwarfism, and some dwarves are taller than 4"10. Someone who is 4"11 but was not diagnosed with dwarfism by a doctor at a young age is just short. Unless that person had a real disability, there is no way a height of 4"11 would qualify anyone for SSD benefits.

Anonymous (not verified)

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I am 4/11 and I do have disabilities and at age 5 was diagnosed with lukimia..had Brain radiation and kemotherphy and it caused me to have learning disabilities and now have Brain tumorsI have tried to get disability and have been told I still don't qualify for It

Anonymous (not verified)

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I am 4"11 also have brain tumor called L shaped accoustic i get ssdi because it made me depressed and have anxiety i also had thyroid cancer which they denied my ssdi for but approved it for depression and anxiety called it bi polar disorder which i didn't care i just knew my state of mind wasn't going to let me keep a job


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Hi There,

If one of the conditions you are experiencing meets a Blue Book listing, then you may qualify. You'll also need to have enough work credits or be under the income limit to qualify.

Kathleen Byrne (not verified)

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Would congenital obstructive hydrocephalus qualify for disability pension?


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Hi Kathleen,

It is possible that it would. The key would be that the symptoms that create the inability to work. Although there might not be an exact listing in the Blue Book for congenital obstructive hydrocephalus, if the symptoms match the listing of another disorder then it is possible to qualify.

Erin (not verified)

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If you only applied one time they usually deny you you have to appeal the decision and or attain a disability attorney. They can only take a portion of back funds you would be owed, not current after you are accepted. That has been my experience. They ( SSD or SSDI) will also pay for any further testing they require. You can also apply to your State Dept of human services while waiting for the other. They have different criteria. Depends on what your state offers. Just some info. Hope it helps


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Hi Erin!

Great point. Many claims are initially denied. Lawyers are typically only paid if you win your claim & their fees are taken from part of your back pay!

Barry Brooks (not verified)
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Unemployed and unable to work with injury to my body and some mental condiction, past problems with dealing with depression. And not likeing being around people that i do not know or share my time of day with.


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Hi Barry,
You probably cannot get approved because you do not like people. You'd need to be able to prove that your mental disability is so severe, you cannot work with people, regardless of how hard you try.

Melissa (not verified)
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Are there any type of disability benefits I qualify for?


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Potentially, but what is your disability? If you are simply under 4'11 and do not have a disability, you will not qualify for benefits.

Anonymous (not verified)
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My daughter has neurofibromatosis (NF1) which includes a learning disability and anxiety along with a short stature. She is 16 years old and has struggled through school so far. Is there something she qualifies for?


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Hi there,
She could potentially qualify for benefits, but I think it would be challenging. This is because she is still in school now. If she wasn't able to attend school at all due to her learning disabilities, I would highly recommend applying. There is nothing that she specifically qualifies for. She'll need to have a therapist or doctor full out a functional report listing the activities she's unable to do to potentially qualify for benefits.

Agnus (not verified)

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I also have NF1 with the same issues. Adderol helps tremendously. I am now 27, married, a mom, and teacher. I do get extremely tired easily, even before becoming a mom. That was my number 1 concern. Anyway, my point is. I've never tried to get on disability. I've just worked through my issues. wander if my easy exhaustion could be a reason to apply. It is a side effect of the NF!

Patti (not verified)
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I am 4 ft 9 1/2 inches tall. I have flat feet, plantar fascitis, and arthritis. I am also having some kind of heart issues that are still ongoing, the doctor is still sending me for tests. Do I qualify for a disability?


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Hi Patti,
Your height will not affect your claim, but you could qualify due to your other disabilities. I would recommend waiting until your doctor's tests are in, then applying for disability benefits. You can get in contact with someone who can help you by filling out the form to the left of the page.

Steph (not verified)
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I am 16 years old and i am 4'11" i am extremely flat footed, have a bad back, and i have really bad depression and anxiety, my anxiety often prevents me from doing everyday things as little as purchasing things from a store or talking on the phone. Do I qualify for any benefits?


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Hi Steph,
I would not be able to say for sure if you qualify because I don't work for the SSA.
However, if you are experiencing anxiety that badly, it may be worth your time to apply for benefits.

Donna (not verified)

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Well im 4"11 have 3 slipped disc in lower back 2 in cervical ostheo just been diagnosed with MS n was still turned dwn for disability... But ive know ppl to get disability for just being molested n having mom has seziures all her life n i have seen her have the worse can she still wrkd....i still wrk...but this person im talking bout is very young dnt wont to nor try to wrk due to the fact he smokes to much weed n just lazy...ive wrkd since i was 15 yrs old pd to the system n now my body is failing me with pain n exhaustion im still trying to push forward cause i was denied...

lisa meldrum (not verified)
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I was wondering what do I qualify I've also had scoliosis my whole entire life and it's hard for me to get through life like this because I'm in pain all the time

Trina (not verified)

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Hi Lisa,
If your scoliosis is severe enough, you could qualify for SSDI. As a matter of fact, my neighbor had scoliosis sobad she had rods put in her spine three times, and each rod bent/broke worse than the last, leaving her bent at a 90 degree angle permanently. She did qualify, but it took her years to get approval.


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Hi Trina,
Thanks for sharing! It's true, if your condition leaves you unable to work, you may qualify for benefits.

Anonymoous (not verified)
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Im 4/8 and I have hypertension and arthritis what I qualify for disability

Gregory (not verified)
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I currently am getting disability. My wife recently died. Am I entitled to any of her benefits. I made more money than she did.


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Hi Gregory,
I am sorry for your loss.
If you had made more money than your wife, then you may not be eligible for survivor's benefits because you would receive a larger benefit based off of your own work record than her's.

Ruby (not verified)
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I'm 4' 9" I have two bulged disks, one torn disk, spinal stunious ,back problems, bad knees. could I get any kind of help. with funds to pay for meds.

Michelle (not verified)
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I am 4 foot 10 inches tall. I have extreme migraines, bipolar, and I can not keep a job because of the anxiety that comes all g with it. Should I presue disability? I'm close to thirty and feel broken and useful, I've been a Cna and my back is blown.
Would appreciate feedback

Christins (not verified)

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Wow Michelle we seem to have a lot in common. I was a CNA and Med Tech for about 6 years before I had my 18th surgery (2nd on my back) I too am 4'10" and have Golden Harr syndrome, Spina Bifida, Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, as well as re-occurring scoliosis and tethered cord syndrome due to spinabifida. I have bipolar disorder and also high
Anxiety levels, arachnoiditis, osteoarthritis, and bulging and deteriating disks. I have had a lawyer on my disability case since January of 2015. I have yet to even have a hearing for disability. I applied originally on December 4, 2014. I live in the state of Maryland. Our decision making people are so slow. I have lost almost everything due to me not being able to work anymore. If your going to apply for disability I would recommend finding
Someone you can trust to hold thousands of dollars in a bank account for you. Because I have lost my husband to divorce as well as went from a brand new car to a clunker. It's difficult to make it while waiting on the process. But if you are anything like me and cry at work from the pain then I would say go for it. Wishing you the best of luck!

Michelle (not verified)
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My 15 year old has multiple severe life threatening food allergies. She is only able to eat what I prepare. Does she quality for benefits?


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Hi Michelle,
Your child may qualify for benefits if those allergies create other conditions that would be considered disabling by the SSA.

anonymous (not verified)
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Hi, I'm legally 4'11 and I'm 23 yes old, can I claim little person disability?
And am I concerned handicapped?

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