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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 01/28/2017 - 14:30

Hi. I'm in MA and had a hearing a week and a half ago (after waiting a year and a half). Since our home is close to foreclosure and other financial problems, my dire need critical case application was approved. My atty says that the judge sent my case to decision writing the next day.
How long should decision writing take and me to get a letter? I asked my atty who gave me an estimate, but I'd like to know thoughts here, please and thank you

Anonymous (not verified)
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If I am a dire needs case will I have to wait for award ad my 18th months backpay?

Lisa (not verified)
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I had my hearing 2 months ago. I called my odar office yesterday they said mt case is in line for writing. What does that mean.


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Hi Lisa,

I am not sure what you are referring to with your case in line for writing. Unfortunately, it usually takes about five months to find out the decision for your hearing. If you worked with an attorney I would contact them as they sometimes find out the decision faster. Best of luck!


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Hi Jojool,

Unfortunately each case is different so the amount of time it takes to review varies. I would contact the SSA at 1-800-772-1213. If you have a lawyer, you can also contact him/her to see if they can provide any insight.

Marquari (not verified)
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My hearing was January 2018 I called the ODAR office and they said the judge has made a decision and the writers have it but they are behind. I asked could they tell me the decision because I’m might end up homeless. He said he couldn’t because the decision might change. What does this mean!


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Hi There,

Sorry to hear that, but it doesn't meant that your case was denied though. They just can't disclose that information until everything is finalized.

Tina (not verified)
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Had my hearing on 6-15-2018 it's been 5 weeks called ssi said it's in the works what does that mean?

Lenny (not verified)
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I just talked to a representative at the hearing office. And she stated that the judge made a decision in the 13th of this month. How long will it take before i know what the decision is?


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Hi Lenny,

If you had a lawyer for your hearing, you can contact him or her to see if they have heard your decision. Often your lawyer received the decision before you.

Penny (not verified)
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I posted but it doesn't seem like you guys want to put it out there I just finally got my processes decision writing process and I was fully favored this was just a couple of days ago how long does it take to get your first check or your back pay or anything like that be grateful if you could tell me


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Hi Penny,

Backpay typically comes about four months after you start receiving benefits. If you are approved, you should receive an awards letter saying when your benefits will begin.

Jesse T (not verified)
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It's been 4 weeks since my hearing called social security and they said there still reviewing my case is that good or bad


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Hi Jesse,

It varies on how long it takes for a decision to be made. It is neither good or bad if they are still reviewing it. If you had a lawyer at your hearing, you can try contacting him or her to see if they have heard a decision.

Andrew (not verified)
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I went for my hearing Dec 6th , found out that it a awaiting a decision writer what could this mean as far as as being approved or denied

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Hey how long did it take


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It varies on how long it takes for a decision to be made. If you had a lawyer at your hearing, you can try contacting him or her to see if they have heard a decision.

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