How to Make Ends Meet on Social Security Disability Benefits (Updated for 2023)

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When living on Social Security Disability, making ends meet can be a challenge, to say the least. Covering your living expenses with your disability payments can sometimes be challenging. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to alleviate some of the financial burden and make your Social Security Disability benefits stretch further.

In some cases, your family members may be eligible for auxiliary benefits. If you've been having trouble making your Social Security Disability payments cover your monthly living expenses, try some of the following tips and suggestions.

Apply for Additional Assistance

If you are really having a hard time financially, you may want to consider applying for additional benefits in addition to the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits you are already receiving. Benefits such as SNAP (formerly food stamps), Supplemental Security Income and medical assistance can provide you with additional resources during the month. It is important to note, however, that these benefits are based on income limitations and need. If your household income exceeds the limits established, you will not qualify for these additional benefits.

Start Clipping Coupons

When most people discuss tips to make Social Security Disability benefits stretch further, they discuss things like budget and low-income housing. Coupons, however, are a wonderful way to reduce expenses without sacrificing quality of life. People who use coupons on a regular basis can cut their grocery expenses by fifty dollars a week or more. Shop the sales at your local grocery stores and combine the sales prices with coupons. You'll be surprised to see that you may actually be able to cut your grocery bills in half.

Look Into Energy Assistance

If you qualify for SSI and food stamps, you will likely qualify for energy assistance as well. Energy assistance isn't automatically given out to those who qualify for it. It is usually provided as a once-a-year benefit that will help defray your annual energy costs. The exact amount of your benefit will be determined by your total energy bills, where you live, and how much income you have. Contact your energy provider and let them know you are on Social Security Disability and that you would like to find out what energy assistance programs are available in your area.

Additional Income Sources

Many people assume that they cannot earn any income when receiving Social Security Disability payments. This is not necessarily the case. Recipients of Social Security Disability benefits can receive income as long as it does not exceed $771 per month. If you can manage it, try making extra income from home. You can sell items on eBay or perform work for family and friends. Even babysitting for a few hours a week can help you make a few extra dollars and those dollars can add up to help you cover some of the expenses that Social Security Disability just isn't covering.

Look for Income-Based Housing

Housing expenses can take a big chunk out of your monthly Social Security Disability benefits. If you are struggling to make ends meet, you may want to look into apartments that charge rent payments based on your monthly Social Security Disability income. Some apartments cater to elderly and individuals with disabling conditions. The exact amount you pay for a rental in these places will depend on what your income is, but it will likely be lower than what you would pay if you were paying market rates.

Ask Your Doctor for Samples

Many people who are on Social Security Disability have significant medication expenses. Oftentimes these expenses can be offset by asking your doctor for medication samples when they are available. If you explain your situation to your doctor and ask if samples are available, they may be willing to help you if they have samples of the medications that you need.

School Meal Programs

If you have children who attend school, call the school office to see if your school district offers a free or reduced meal program. Some schools will provide free breakfasts and lunches to students if parents are struggling financially. Ask the school what the requirements are and how you can apply to enroll your children in this program.

Financial difficulties can be a humbling experience, but it is nothing to be ashamed of. Keep the above advice in mind and don't be afraid to ask for help where help is available. With a little planning and a few money-saving strategies, you can make your monthly Social Security Disability payment stretch further, allowing you to live more comfortably and without the unneeded financial stress.

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Jeff Pyburn (not verified)

All the avenues that any

All the avenues that any desperate person on SSDI would have done allready or tried, what next??? No answer...? And SS has reduced my money to cover medical by $126...bottom line it just sucks.Then to take the knocks from the world.... and u feel helpless and angry as hell. I've been short sided by my primary medical doctor, and possible hippa law violations, verbally abused by 70 plus yr old heart doctor on the table....I wanted to get up and kick his ass!! My family has screwed me.... I became dead weight to them I guess.... but to sustain a eviction at 57, I do not need this, all because I was secondary to my niece and she wasn't paying bills, I had moved out for 9 months, move back in May 2016, and we're out on street by early July. 2016.... Had to. Scramble with no help, no money, and was blessed by a prior customer from my Tile career.. got help!! But now 6 months into new living sitchy.....I'm barely hanging on and went from building my credit with credit cards and payments on time, to letting all cards go, Verizon after. 12 yrs to thrashing my credit even more....what the hell am I suppose to do here???? My ankles and feet are swelling, edema, knumbness, circulation issues, and varicose veins are coming....I'm scared about this and need to deal with this asap... oh but wait!!..... friends, my son, the pressures of world are all expressing or pointing towards work!! I have to go to work. I still have a rt knee that is shot to replace and a rt big toe that has degenerative joint disease... I can barely walk, in pain, have no meds anymore... doctor and her assistants cut me back so far and world was making such a push on no oxys, hydros cause people are dying all over country...not my fault!! I'm in need, till this mission is complete, it's my time for this now.....nope..then this eviction happened... but all this crap and more just trying to rebuild myself, having people screw and abuse me... and trying budget with nothing!! And feed a 18 pd cat, deflee monthly, he needs his shots and that is a way extra....I'm looking for answers and online just get confused, frustrated and no straight answers.... and I have never known how to ask for help!! This all since March 2013!!
are around me is telling me I need to go back to work,

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Matt (not verified)

In reply to by Bryan

You usually have to apply

You usually have to apply twice for SSI or disability til you get it. I got disability lawyers to do it for it in 4 months on 1st try. I got payed the 4 month back pay and the lawyers dont get paid til you due and their fee is nothing considering how much the SSI or disability benefits are going to help. Definitely worth it!

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 14:14 Permalink

In reply to by Matt (not verified)

Hey Matt,

Hey Matt,

Great info! You're right, most people are denied on their initial application. And disability attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, so they are not paid until you receive your benefits!

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Bobbi (not verified)

In reply to by Jeff Pyburn (not verified)

As to being on SSDI and the

As to being on SSDI and the $126 per month for medicaid...Can you do an internet search cause I found an assistance form online that i got approved for that medicare monthly fee paid for me and no longer comes out of my check. They also picked up my Medicare part D monthly fee so I have prescription coverage. I still have deductibles which are hard, but that extra medical coverage is important to have. I wish I could remember the site, but just search for help paying medicare premiums is so helpful.

Fri, 03/24/2017 - 18:48 Permalink
linda anita bowman (not verified)

In reply to by Bobbi (not verified)

i cannot begin to tell any of

i cannot begin to tell any of you what being on ssd and not being able to live in my own place has done to me. i earn 867 and get some food and this was from my working. i get all medical, extra help, but still cannot afford an apartment. i go from renting room to room, no stability, and this goes on and on since i was hit 14 years ago in a car accident by a drunk driver. each year i thought it would get better; that $2.00 raise this year really put me over the top. the depression and anxiety of being told that trump might be decreasing the social security amount makes me want to get out and get a gun. my life has no hope in it because even my family has left me because every once in awhile i needed help. families are not what they used to be. my son complained every month for giving me 200 and they told me it was making it harder to purchase that $63k land they wanted, that extra fun vehicle, etc.......... never mind all the money i gave him when young. they make you feel so bad for asking.

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Connie (not verified)

In reply to by linda anita bowman (not verified)

I understand completely .. .I

I understand completely .. .I gave everything and worked hard to do it. Now kids are busy going on vacations having fun living life and I seem to be a burden to's hard.,..I stay in one room alone 24 hours a day and can not afford to get out at all.....there fore just have memories to think of and get more and more depressed. Mostly due kids for got us. Kids move on and mom has nothing left to sorry for u for I feel your pain.

Sat, 11/18/2017 - 09:48 Permalink

In reply to by Connie (not verified)

HI Connie,

HI Connie,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to reach out to programs in your area that do home visiting, there are many programs where volunteers can visit you on a regular basis.

Tue, 11/21/2017 - 13:13 Permalink
Kim (not verified)

In reply to by Bryan

Hi Connie. I live in a group

Hi Connie. I live in a group home in Lawrence,MI, I spend my time alone except 4 meal time and outings. I've got ADD and or ADHD and anxiety. Do u know of any places that can help me get more money?

Fri, 12/29/2017 - 14:35 Permalink

In reply to by Kim (not verified)

Hi Kim,

Hi Kim,
You may want to contact the office in Michigan that handles supplemental aid, they may be able to help.

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Micah Welch (not verified)

In reply to by linda anita bowman (not verified)

How do you get 862 I only get

How do you get 862 I only get the standard 750

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Paul (not verified)

In reply to by Micah Welch (not verified)

I don't get SSI, just

I don't get SSI, just disability. The amount you get is based on how much you contributed. I get $2650.00/month now because I contributed the maximum amount, usually by October of each year, and they stopped taking social security from my check. That was for 26 years before I had 3 ruptured disks in Lumbar, 1 herniated in thoracic, and 2 in the cervical area. I went from a nice 6 figure income to less than $30k in 2009. Now I can barely move and I sit in the same room each day, talking to the Alexa device and trying to support a son in college while my spine attacks me each day. My son does visit me once a week to watch football or spend time still and we have a great relationship. My ex-wife has abandoned us both and is able bodied. I can see the time coming when my son will not visit as often. Try to find a group where you can go to sit with other similar people and they do activities. I can drive short distances (5-10 minutes in car) and sometimes I'll go to Starbucks, the mall, or just sit and watch people. You can spark up conversations and spend a day just enjoying the outside. Just try it, many lonely people are in the mall and wishing someone would just say Hi. Some want to be left alone, and you can tell quickly which it is. The sun is important, too. You get Vitamin D from the sun and it can help with depression and even anxiety. Feeling the Sun on your face is a happy feeling. There is also a service where people will simply come by to sit and talk with you. You can make a good friend this way, and they can be helpful to bring things to you. Get an army going for you! Do what you like! Don't rely on others to make it happen for you. But, use what is available. Except for the constant pain, the unmanageable constipation from Opioids and inability to keep a good attitude from this, life is good! LOL

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conrad (not verified)

In reply to by Micah Welch (not verified)

Hello Micah it all depends on

Hello Micah it all depends on how much you have made in your working time ive been on ssdi for 9 + years now and i get 1449.00 per month and still have hard times.It dosnt matter what we get its how we get by that counts.

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Anne (not verified)

In reply to by linda anita bowman (not verified)

Wow do I feel your pain. I&

Wow do I feel your pain. I'm 64 yr old widow fighting cancer with lupus in a rare blood clotting disease I am scared to death to turn 65 because when I'm 65 I lose my Medicaid and my one colon surgery just the hospital bill was $883,000 I've been lucky so far, I stay so far as Office of the Aging has steered me in all the right directions as far as long term care at home a free emergency button to call the paramedics food stamps and Medicaid but in a month when I turn 65 they want $865 spend down because I make $4 a month too much with SSD and widow's pension. And I have to tell you, they gave me that raise of $9 yes but they took it away from my widow's pension $11 so for the third time we got an increase in what 10 years, I have actually been decreased and lost money. On top of that I fell and broke my leg in 10 places had to have surgery the hospital sent me home and left me hemorrhage for 10 days back and forth to the emergency room doing nothing now I have a necrotic me which is the least of my worries. I've had 5 surgeries and three years they took my colon out because the CIA tumor was too big 2 just remove the tumor, the GI doctor said I waited too long. No in the 18 months prior I had been in the hospital and admitted 7 * telling them something was seriously wrong I had terrible pain doubled over nape keep me do blood a cat-scan and say nothing's wrong sent me home 7 days before they diagnosed me with that cancerous tumor I had been in the hospital for 10 days in horrible stomach pain telling them something was wrong. After the cancer surgery less than a year later I got a bowel obstruction again I had one in 2012 and had several before that so another surgery I now have a partial obstruction again I have to have another surgery but they tell me when I turn 65 I lose Medicaid the money doesn't exist in a budget that is backwards every month 2 even consider a supplemental insurance payment per month. Now I could lose my widow's pension because I'm turning 65 and we'll have to live on $900 a month mind you it's costing me $600 a month for the Boost the probiotic meds the vitamin B12 B6 d and all the rest of the over-the-counter meds that is not covered by insurance. I had a good job all my life 2 jobs actually as a respiratory therapist, I had an IRA which was used to bury my husband and live on $500 a month for two years until I was able to get widow's pension. I went back to work for 6 years with systemic lupus in horrible pain doing home care, spent my entire life saving lives in trauma ICU emergency all the Intensive cares and now I get sick and I can't get help. And you talk about your kids what a joke isn't it I wouldn't be where I'm at today if I didn't dish out to my kids all my life even as adults Mom I'm not going to make the mortgage payment Mom I don't have the rent mom the car broke down mom I need this Mom I don't have food mom is the bank and now that I'm sick I sit here alone with people from my church helping me not like kids. I was diagnosed with cancer and my daughter moved to Florida 2 weeks later never even telling me. Neither of my daughters were there for my cancer surgery. And I still have one that keeps bugging me for this than that and just doesn't understand I'm scared I'm a widow alone and a mobile home scared to death I don't even put the news on anymore because I'm so scared of the government cutting Social Security how am I going to get through another surgery which I find out when that is next Wednesday? Who's going to take care of me? Who's going to help me? I can't even leave the house because I messed diapers because they messed up and cut too much of my bowel out can I prove it no because my surgeon in never even told me to leave year later that in 2012 surgery I had a huge hernia and she put that much screen in and never told me that I even had hernia surgery it was an emergency bowel obstruction surgery I have four teeth that they broke during one of the surgeries that are rotting I have pain in my jaw and my face up to my head that I can't even get taken care of because I have to have oral surgery to do it and Medicaid doesn't cover oral surgery and Medicare doesn't cover it. My credit cards are maxed out just to stay alive these past three years for all the over-the-counter meds and diapers and ensure and all the rest of the stuff I can't even get out of the house. But there is one thing I do have on my side and not is the Lord. And I know that may sound corny to some but it is giving me Comfort amongst all the fear. But I still don't know what I'm going to do, I'm petrified to call Social Security and find out what's going to happen in April and I got a call soon I'm just waiting for the doctor to tell me when the next surgery is Wednesday and how bad it's going to be and what it entails. I wish I had advice for everybody on here but I don't know what I'm going to do myself just barely making the bills and if I file bankruptcy then I don't have a chance of getting a HUD apartment or any kind of assisted Section 8 apartment or anything. Some days I just sit and cry alone in my room because I can't even go out to the store without messing myself. I still do it though because I have no one else to do it. I wish I could tell you that there's a solution but I can't find one myself. I wish I had a magic wand for all the seniors like me the last year I worked I paid $8,500 to Social Security and they want to take it all away and I sent my entire life 25 years working two jobs saving people's lives? What's wrong with that picture and that question is directed directly at the government! I worked in the worst city for stabbings and shootings and car accidents that the chopper brought in, and one of them may have been related to somebody in the Congress for all I know but that's the thanks we get for working our butts off. I would go work right now even with the lupus even in the pain I'm in in my me and my shoulder that needs replacing but how do you work when you mess a diaper all the time? You just can't so what do I do I don't know what are you guys do I don't know I think they want the seniors to die so that they don't have to put that medical expense out and the Social Security payments out I truly believe they want us to die to get rid of the payments, that we weren't asked if we wanted to pay it it was just taken from us just like taxes were. I don't remember anyone asking me do you want to pay $8,500 a year for Social Security so you can get screwed when you become disabled or become of Social Security age. Did they ask you cuz they certainly didn't ask me if I wanted to give them that $8,500 a year per job. I truly do not know what I'm going to do in 3 weeks what I do know is I have to have surgery what I don't know is is am I going to recover in the snow outside in a 1996 bomber as today kids don't want you to live with them now that infringes on their privacy you are a burden, that's not how I was taught I took care of my grandfather at 97 years old and changed his diaper and wipe them because he wanted to die at home and that's what we did and that's what we were taught. Today the kids are probably just put me in a nursing home I don't know I'm pretty sure they would but I can't even afford to pay for a nursing home and now the government has capped how many times you can have a physical therapist and an occupational therapist come to the house I broke my leg in 10 places when I fell from the lupus for 7 months I had to have physical therapy or I wouldn't be walking today and I'm walking today in a lot of pain I wake up in the middle of the night in such horrible pain in this knee if it's in one position too long that I can't even straighten it out but I bear with it and I try to stay positive I try to stay strong but it's getting harder and harder to stay strong day by day sometimes I think I'd be better off if I didn't wake up. I think the only thing stopping me from taking my own life is that I believe in the Lord and I want to be in heaven with my husband and my mom who died three months after my husband who was a very healthy 19 years younger than me I had a brain aneurysm at the dinner table after telling me how much you love me after going through two abusive marriages and abused by my father and knowing nothing else in my life but abuse until I met him he was the most wonderful man in the world kind caring loving wonderful and at 36 years old he was gone in a Flash in seconds 3 months later my mom was gone in seconds I lost my whole family within 5 years and I bear that grief everyday. Everyday I sit here in bed alone worrying about what am I going to do am I going to be homeless am I going to be recovering from surgery and my car what am I going to do what are we supposed to do I don't have an answer but I have a heart and I feel for everybody and all their comments on here thank you for letting me get that all out I'm scared I'm a 64 year old Widow who's scared and the one thing in life I said I did not want to do was grow old alone and not only am I growing old alone but I'm growing old alone sick very sick. And then the cable bill turns my bill into $180 and it's not like my internet's a luxury I have a button that I have to press that I wear a watch if I fall because of the lupus I have a heart blood pressure oxygen level monitor that has to go 3 times a day to the nurse and plenty of times they've gotten the results and said call nine-one-one get to the emergency room because of this what they called dumping I've been dehydrated or had low potassium or low magnesium in the IV I don't know what I'm going to do I wish I had a friend that was in the same situation that I can share this with I've even thought if I would meet a nice man that was sick too that we can get through it together with both of our incomes and make it how crazy is that how insane is that to think? When you have children of your own that should be caring. Like I said I wish I had a solution guys if I did I'd let you know and I wouldn't be in the position I'm in myself it's scary isn't it? I know I'm scared and the more I'm alone and think about it the more scared I get and I'm not scared to die at all I'm scared to live this way not being able to afford medical bills not being able to afford the medications not being able to afford the diapers and not being able to afford my everyday bills I don't know when the last time I bought myself anyting it's been at least five years since I was able to go by myself a sweatsuit are a nice pair of pajamas or a robe. I need repairs on my mobile home that's a real joke they have to just stay unrepaired and that's where I'm at and I didn't ever think I'd be in this position because I had a good job that paid well but we weren't given the option to take that $8,500 a year per job and put it into something like a retirement fund my parents didn't teach me that the schools didn't teach that I didn't know anything about any of that and the two rotten husbands I had they were taught that either and neither was the good husband I had for that matter well new sunsun crying and getting upset because it's not going to change anything I don't know what to do I wish to God I knew I wish I had an answer I wish I knew what I was going to do but I don't

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Anonymous (not verified)

In reply to by linda anita bowman (not verified)

I'm living with a friend

I'm living with a friend and pay them 300.00 A mom. To stay . So a social security worker is falsely saying because the guy owes mortgages I have to pay more than 300.00 A mon . And he does not even own any property. He rents where I'm staying.. So she takes 250.00 out of the750.00 now I'm only getting 500.00 How can this even be fair when it's all a lie. This worker has no proof of the mortgages. Because there is none. And I shouldn't be responsible for his mogages anyway. Is this unfair. Where are my rights of being discriminated against.

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In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Hi There,

Hi There,

I am so sorry to hear that. If that is the case, you may want to speak with a Social Security attorney to see what next steps to take.

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Anonymous (not verified)

In reply to by linda anita bowman (not verified)

There is a apartment complex

There is a apartment complex that will not put up a railings for people with disability that walks with a cane need a railings to hold on coming down the steps.who can we report this too.

Thu, 03/07/2019 - 20:25 Permalink

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Hi There,

Hi There,

I would put in a request with the building's owner. If that does not work then you can try reporting it to your city or town. There should be a department that takes these complaints.

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STEPHANIE (not verified)

In reply to by Bobbi (not verified)

I know what you are going

I know what you are going through. As for getting free Medicaid AND Medi-Cal, all you have to do is apply for Medi-Cal online, and with your income so low, you won't have to pay a dime. It's called the "Extra Help" program. They pick up all your prescriptions with a 1.20 co-pay.
I hope that helps

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Jennifer C (not verified)

In reply to by STEPHANIE (not verified)

I am on regular disability,

I am on regular disability, not SSI. So is my husband. When we were able to work we made excellent wages. We both have arthritis, fibromyalgia, deep depression and and spinal problems. Plus other things. We're both miserable most of the time. And to not have the income we once had is very depressing. However we have had to learn frugal living. I go to Foodbank, which helps a lot. I got FS... a whopping $15 per month. That I save up for something special I usually cannot afford. I am also eligible for extra help, which helps with scripts. I pay 3.30 no matter the cost. Hubby makes to much to qualify for it. We also get our Medicare back each month. But the best thing I've discovered Thrift and pawn qstores! I love looking around for everything from clothes to blenders to lamps! Thrift store queen! Sure we do without, but honestly, most people do even those not on disability. I hope this is helps a bit. Hang in there, sweetie. God will provide you with what you need.

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Amy (not verified)

In reply to by Jennifer C (not verified)

Hi Jennifer! Hang in there!

Hi Jennifer! Hang in there! Love your positive attitude! A quick did you get your Medicare payment returned to you? Thank you and God bless!❤

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Joe (not verified)

In reply to by Bobbi (not verified)

The local hospital helped me

The local hospital helped me to get the state to cover my $126 a month and my medicine costs me only $3.30 idk what state you live in but it would be worth trying to talk to someone in billing at your local hospital!

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Bay (not verified)

In reply to by Jeff Pyburn (not verified)

Call medicare and tell them

Call medicare and tell them you want to apply for "extra help" it's a program through Medicaid. I also have it, so great because I don't pay more than $20 a month Medicare complete plan that includes prescriptions and you have to pay a co-pay 4 doctors visit. Good luck and God bless you

Sun, 04/23/2017 - 18:56 Permalink

In reply to by Bay (not verified)

Hi Bay,

Hi Bay,
Thanks for sharing that! It's true, if you receive Medicare you may be eligible for extra help with prescriptions and premiums.

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Richard Madej (not verified)

In reply to by Jeff Pyburn (not verified)

Jeff you just told my exact

Jeff you just told my exact same story except I'm a heart and cancer patient,don't know what's coming next ,only thing different is the home I lived in was flooded by Hurricane Matthew and we were leaving that night to go somewhere else ...for two blocks from home and ran into a place where the road had wash out and totaled my truck ,broke my neck,cut up glass all over my wife busted up both knees hurt her head and glass..taken to hospital but power was out so they couldn't X-ray or anything ,sent use on our way after an hour and told us to go to our own doctor had to sign some discharge papers ,well they sent use a bill for $1860.00 .....they didn't do anything! Got a shot and cardio gram . Now after 5 months with my sister in law they told me and my dog Bessie have to go we were cramping their space in a three bedroom home but her sister could stay wife so we had to move 70 miles away to stay with my sister .yea this life can suck some times ,you get 1000.00 to live on your supposed to live your life on it insurance ,food,housing,clothes,utilities,etc.....yea right,and on top of that they don't want you to have another income so you can afford anything I guess they just want you to go ahead and pass on to make room for the next .??

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Dena (not verified)

In reply to by Jeff Pyburn (not verified)

I read a few of these

I read a few of these comments and realized that I am not alone with my struggle to survive on disability. I feel that the government just wants to do away with people who has disabilities, as well as the elderly. It's like we no longer pay our dues to them, so we are punished or should I say tortured having to try to survive with the little monies we get per month. Everyone knows how much rent is, utilities, etc. that is how I know they have no regard for us, because making ends meet is virtually impossible. How sad. My heart broke reading these stories. The only comfort I have is everyone has to answer for their getting around it. You can't pay someone off to get around it. Ahhh In the long run, it doesn't pay to have so much greed.

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Tony C. (not verified)

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Man oh man you hit their

Man oh man you hit their square on the button. I am in exactly same situation and, no one gets it. I'm Disabled since'04 with spinal degen. then to find out in 2010 from my years of construction work (mostly power plants) my breathing had continued to get worse, I found out that I am suffering with Emphysema n COPD initially 88% blockage in 2010 now it's bout 92% and only getting worse. So working is outa the question. I am at ropes end. Not even grasping at straws more like, holding my breath. My SSDI is not near enough and I'm out of ideas. Tired of it all when the government is giving themselves raises lwhenever they want to and, telling us how much of our savings that we can have all the while using our money to pay off their debts so they can afford their million dollar houses. What to do?
Suffering in more ways than one. Good luck and God Bless you and everyone in our situation
Tony C.

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Diane Black (not verified)

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Have you tried the you caring

Have you tried the you caring site? It's a fundraiser for such personal situation. You can ask for as much as you need to cover medical expenses, personal expenses, etc. And you get 100% of the money earned. Easy and helpful. I have been considering the fundraiser for awhile. They keep asking me to complete my fundraiser I just haven't decided yet. It's hard to ask for hand outs I know!! However, I am going to proceed with the request for help been waiting 6+ years for disability. I am thinking that this last hearing was finally the one?! Do not wish to be homeless and medical expenses are accumulating!? Prayers!

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Margo (not verified)

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Somebody did that fundraiser

Somebody did that fundraiser thing and got caught. She used her real name as I'm sure they require, then thanked everybody and went on Facebook thanking people, next thing he knew he got slapped with a nasty "you-made-over-$65-a-month!" over-payment notice from his friendly neighborhood Social Security office announcing they were gonna suck it all back OUT of him till it gets payed off. We can't pay for anything but they'll see to it we pay for our funerals. If you wanna get mixed up in fundraising, you better have some kind of sheltered income account---"Plan For Achieving Self Support" to show the gov that you plan to use the money for job training or school---whether you can or can't work---doesn't matter---otherwise it's gonna wind up being used to pay for your coffin if not more G.O.P. military industrial toys for killing the poor ABROAD...

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Hi Margo,

Hi Margo,
I'm sorry to hear about that! People may be required to pay back overpayments from the SSA.

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john m. (not verified)

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thank you for reminding me i&

thank you for reminding me i'm not alone in my struggles with disability. had a work related accident 7 years ago. struggled for 4 yrs doing what work i can while in pain trying to get ssdi. and 3 yrs now on ssdi. but its not enough to live on. bad enough not being able to work or enjoy any sort of physical activity. and then have to spend each day struggling to get by. just turned 54 today. wasn't the plan i had at this age. so much i still wanted to do. feel like i'm just out to pasture now. frustrating yes. but what the hell can we do...i can think of several ways to make money. but it takes money to make money.. so i hear ya..we kinda screwed

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Angelo Centrone (not verified)

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It's awful. I feel for

It's awful. I feel for you and understand how you feel. Your frustration and dignity are just taken from you. You lose all control of your life and it sucks. Your story sounds like mine. I need help but don't know how or who for help. I was doing okay until inflation and no raises plus kids college and so on . Now i use medical marajuna which is over 1000 a month because pain management sucks. What can i do every program says I make to much income. Lol. I wish. Help

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Hi Angelo,

Hi Angelo,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to contact offices in your state for help, as there may be state programs available to you.

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Ken (not verified)

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Depending on what state you

Depending on what state you live will determine what extra help you can get! I used to live in Pennsylvania and was doing Ok on my disability but I made a mistake by moving to South Carolina and lost my Food stamps and no energy assistance just to start I now have co-pays for everything that I did not have before! And my living expenses have increased but my monthly disability benefits have stayed the same! The way each state handles disability varies vastly from State to State! It depends on what Federal money they accept amongst other factors! I was getting $180 in food stamps in PA but SC would only give me $15???? I refused it what could I buy with $15? In a state were milk cost $5 a gallon? There is no price control here so they charge what they want!!! I am now living in a camper because i can't afford a apartment and feed myself basically almost homeless! I hard been selling my belongings as bills I can't afford come up! Soon I won't have anything to sell! I feel your pain hope you find a way! I am trying to move back up north were the health Care is much better and the overall cost of living is almost half. Good luck.

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Hi Ken,

Hi Ken,
I'm sorry to hear about that! Supplemental benefits can vary wildly from state to state. Hang in there!

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Hi Ken,

Hi Ken,
I'm sorry to hear about that! Supplemental benefits can vary wildly from state to state. Hang in there!

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Felix Pena (not verified)

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sorry to hear this. i hope

sorry to hear this. i hope all works out for you.

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Ms. Star (not verified)

Thank you Jeff and Richard

Thank you Jeff and Richard for sharing your story. It helped me to know I'm not going through the fustrations alone. I search the internet daily hoping to find information that will help me make ends meet as a single woman with no children. I receive SSDI but I'm not permitted to receive SSI because SSDI pays too much, which is joke. I only receive $916 monthly but my monthly bills total $1031. All the programs for income based housing or section 8 are closed for several years to come and no hope of even getting on a waiting list, let alone getting on the list to be placed into a house or apartment. All LIHEAP, Salvation Army programs, and any other community aid programs for utilities are always out of funding.

I make well below SGA and there is still the threat of me losing my disability. How am I supposed to pay for co-pays, the car insurance, credit card bills, meds, and feminine products?

They don't make it clear that SGA only applies to the Trial work period that is only 9months and extended period of eligibility (EPE) which is only 3yrs. Which gives most people 3yrs and 9 months to work.

Don't forget SGA includes your monthly disability amount for example I get $916 and I can't exceed $1170 month I only can make $254. Which I could make work if I hadn't used my trial work period and EPE, because working/volunteering from home does count against you.

The stress of not being able to pay my bills agitate my disabilities (physically and mentally). And doesn't appear to be any hope in the future. I don't even have a way to pay for cremation because I can't afford life insurance. I can't die without putting a burden another burden on my family. This really sucks and is terribly sad. Someone needs to fix this system and truly consider the cost of living and dying for the disabled.

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Thank you so much for sharing your story. It can be a long, tough journey but please hang in there. Things can get better. Wishing you nothing but the best.


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