Does Amazon Accept SNAP EBT Card?

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Yes, Amazon does accept SNAP EBT card in all states except Alaska. 

SNAP, short for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a government program that helps individuals buy the food that they need to live healthy lives. Those using SNAP will receive a monthly benefits card.

The benefits card, also known as an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card, can be used in many major grocery stores, and now can be used at Amazon.

Connecting your EBT card to your Amazon account will give you access to a couple of benefits that Amazon offers.

How Do I Add SNAP EBT Card To My Amazon Account?

  1. Follow this link to add your SNAP EBT card to your Amazon Account. SNAP
  2. Make sure you are signed in to your Amazon account or create one.
  3. Select “Add your SNAP EBT card”.
  4. You will be prompted to add your EBT card number. Click continue and follow the instructions. SNAP2
  5. Make sure to select your EBT card as your method of payment for SNAP eligible items


How to Qualify for SNAP Benefits

To be eligible for SNAP benefits, you must meet the income limits set at a state-by-state level. In order to get information on SNAP, you must contact your local SNAP office. The contact information for those offices can be found here.

SNAP and the SSA

It is important to understand how SNAP might impact any other benefits you may be receiving from the SSA. It is possible to qualify for SSI or SSDI while receiving SNAP benefits. In some states, an SSI application can also be an application for SNAP if the individual is living alone.

It is important to complete the SNAP application with a representative in your state because SSI benefits can be counted as income in computing SNAP eligibility.  The representative will help calculate your monthly household income in order to determine your SNAP benefits.

Both SNAP and SSI are calculated using monthly household income. SSDI is calculated using a different set of requirements. For SSDI, you must demonstrate that you are unable to work and earn an income. If you are able to meet those requirements, as well as your states income requirements, you may be eligible for SNAP.

Frequently Asked Questions About SNAP:

What items are eligible with SNAP?

SNAP Benefits can be used to purchase most grocery items. Items that are eligible are fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy, bread, cereal and other snack foods. You can even use SNAP to purchase seeds and plants that will produce food! There are even some unexpected, cool items you can buy on Amazon EBT!

What can SNAP EBT Be used for on Amazon?

SNAP EBT Benefits can be used on, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods. Just look for items listed as “SNAP EBT eligible”.

Will my SNAP EBT card cover shipping?

No. SNAP EBT funds will not cover shipping. However, shipping will be free on orders of $25 on

Can SNAP EBT funds be used in all states?

SNAP EBT funds can be used in all of the United States besides Alaska. 

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