Denied Disability Benefits With Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition that can potentially limit one’s ability to perform work-related tasks. If you have spinal stenosis and can’t work as a result of your condition, you may qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits from the US Social Security Administration (SSA). Said benefits can help you cover the cost of food, housing, and other such basic needs. 

Be aware that the SSA denies most initial applications. The following guide will explain how you may proceed if the SSA doesn’t approve your claim at first. 

Filing An Appeal For Disability Benefits With Spinal Stenosis 

The fact that the SSA denied your application doesn’t mean there’s no chance of you potentially receiving benefits in the future. When the SSA denies an application for benefits, a claimant can file an appeal. Additionally, a lawyer or other such representative may file an appeal on a claimant’s behalf. 

You may file an appeal by:

  • Filing in-person at your local SSA office
  • Calling the SSA’s toll-free number
  • Filing an appeal online 

When you file an appeal, someone who wasn’t involved in the initial review of your application will review it independently. If they still issue a denial, you can proceed to the next stage of hearings before a judge, review board, and other such parties. 

How To File a Successful Appeal For Disability Benefits With Spinal Stenosis 

No one can guarantee your appeal will result in an eventual approval. That said, you could increase the chances of successfully appealing the SSA’s initial decision by taking the following steps: 

  • Completing a Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) assessment, during which a doctor will assess your physical condition and evaluate whether you are able to perform work-related tasks
  • Gather more medical evidence
  • Provide documentation showing that you are continuing to follow treatment plans 

It’s also critical that you file your appeal in a timely manner. When the SSA denies an initial application for benefits, a claimant typically has 60 days to file an appeal. You will likely be unable to receive benefits if you miss the deadline. 

Why Was My Spinal Stenosis Claim Denied? 

There are many potential reasons why the SSA might deny your claim if you have spinal stenosis. These are just a few common examples of reasons the SSA denies disability benefits claims: 

  • You didn’t provide evidence showing your condition is expected to last at least 12 months or result in your death
  • You didn’t provide sufficient medical evidence indicating your symptoms are severe enough to prevent you from working
  • You have other financial resources and thus do not need benefits to cover the cost of housing, food, etc. 

Get Help With Your Appeal 

None of this needs to intimidate you. Although navigating the appeal process can be a complex task, it’s not one you need to complete on your own. 

Strongly consider enlisting the help of a lawyer with experience handling cases like yours. They can potentially boost your odds of receiving an approval. Get started today by taking the free case evaluation to speak with a disability attorney accepting cases in your area. 

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