Prepare Financially for the Social Security Disability Application Process

Everyone that files for social security disability assistance has some level of financial need. One challenge that individuals face during the application process is remaining financially stable enough so that poor living conditions do not adversely affect their condition. The stress of attempting to keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach can adversely affect to your already troubling disabling medical condition. However, through careful financial planning and the help of government programs you can prepare yourself financially to get through the 4 to 12 months or longer that it will take to receive disability benefits.

Careful Budgeting

Planning a strict monthly budget may be the most obvious solution to financial stability, but certainly not the easiest. First, take a look at the financial resources available to you. Are you able to work part-time? Do you receive unemployment assistance? Do you have a spouse that works? Do you have children or parents that can help you during this critical time in your life? Next, look at the bills that must be paid each month and find ways to reduce them. Can you switch to a lower cell phone plan? What changes can you make to reduce your electric or gas bill? Do you have unnecessary bills like cable TV or Internet that can be placed on temporary hold? Cut back on discretionary expenditures for a while or plan them strategically. If you have children, talk to them about the need to cut out extra spending like movies and sports. Creating the budget is easy; following the budget is the hard part. Sometimes the easiest way to do this is by substituting cheaper alternatives to your usual expenses. For example, plan to eat out only once a month as opposed to weekly or replace your cable TV with Netflix and rent movies every week. Also, you can find great free entertainment options in many communities.

Apply for other Government Programs

If you are not already receiving SNAP Benefits (formerly food Stamps), now is the time to apply. Simply knowing there is plenty of food in your house can relieve a great deal of stress. Also, look into any community programs that can help with housing costs and other necessary bills. Some programs are designed to help people in positions, similar to yours that are struggling with a severe disability and unable to completely support themselves.


One of the most painful steps you may find yourself contemplating is downsizing your lifestyle. You may come to the realization that due to your disability you will never enjoy the level of income you had previously. It may become necessary to move to less expensive housing or sell your car.

In conclusion, if you have been diagnosed with a disabling medical condition and you are maneuvering your way through the Social Security disability application process, you will need to carefully plan your finances. Disability lawyers can a helpful resource as they can answer all of your Social Security disability questions.

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