Hiring a Social Security Attorney For Your Disability Claim

Are you applying for Social Security disability benefits for the first time? Has your disability claim been denied? If so, a Social Security disability attorney may be a valuable asset.

How Your Condition Factors Into Your Claim

The SSA maintains its own criteria for qualifications, known as the Blue Book. Medically qualifying for Social Security disability benefits will vary depending on what condition you're diagnosed with. Some conditions, like ALS or metastatic cancer, qualify with just a diagnosis. Others require a wealth of medical evidence for approval.

Your Social Security disability attorney or advocate can review the Blue Book listing for your diagnosis and help determine if you qualify for benefits.

Qualifying at a Hearing

The hearing stage is where most Social Security disability applicants are finally approved. During your hearing, you'll present facts regarding your disability and how it affects your ability to work.

A vocational expert will likely be present at your hearing. He or she will ask you many questions regarding your physical ability to work due to your disability or its complications. An attorney can help you prepare for these types of questions and ensure you have enough evidence on your side to win your claim.

Qualifying by Condition

Here's a little more information on how an attorney can help you qualify for disability benefits based on your diagnosis:

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