Bile Duct Cancer and Disability Benefits

For anyone who is diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer, they may be able to qualify for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. This is because the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers Bile Duct Cancer to be severe enough to have it included it in its Blue Book listings in Section 13:19. Thus, just like anyone else who has a medical condition that is listed in the SSA’s Blue Book, people with severe Bile Duct Cancer tend to have an increased likelihood of qualifying for disability benefits once an application has been completed and the correct evidence is provided.

What is Bile Duct Cancer?

Bile Duct Cancer, also called Cholangiocarcinoma, is one of the rarer cancers in which cancer cells develop in the bile ducts. 

There are two kinds of Bile Duct Cancer, which are:

  • Intrahepatic Bile Duct Cancer is the type of cancer in which the cancer forms in the bile ducts that are located inside of the liver. Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinomas is another name that is used to refer to Intrahepatic Bile Duct Cancers.
  • Cancer that forms in the bile ducts outside the liver is called Extrahepatic Bile Duct Cancer. 

There are some symptoms that could be Bile Duct Cancer such as:

  • weight loss with no apparent reason;
  • the yellowing of the whites of the eyes or skin;
  • the presence of a fever;
  • itchy skin;
  • incidents of vomiting and nausea;
  • dark-colored urine;
  • clay-colored stool;
  • the presence of abdominal pain. 

There are some tests that may be conducted to diagnose the presence of Bile Duct Cancer including the following: 

  • A liver function test where a blood sample is checked to measure the amounts of both alkaline and bilirubin phosphatase released into the blood by the liver;
  • An ultrasound exam that uses high-energy sound waves that bounce off internal organs or tissues, e.g., the abdomen, which produce echoes which form a picture of body tissues called a sonogram; 
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) utilizes a magnet, radio waves, as well as a computer to produce detailed pictures of areas within the body.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits with Bile Duct Cancer

As long as you can provide diagnostic evidence proving you have Bile Duct Cancer you can qualify for disability benefits under the Blue Book listing 13.19. The SSA will determine if your cancer diagnosis stops you from working for at least 12 months or is likely to end in your death.

If your Bile Duct Cancer diagnosis shows it’s at a later stage, you may be able to qualify immediately for disability benefits under the Compassionate Allowances scheme which fast tracks disability benefits claims for approval without having to wait in a queue.

Applying For Disability Benefits with Bile Duct Cancer

  • You can apply online, over the phone or in person
  • You will need to provide all the medical evidence proving your bile duct cancer diagnosis including conclusive test results and a report from your doctor.

Get Help with Your Bile Duct Cancer Disability Claim

Providing sufficient evidence proving your Bile Duct Cancer diagnosis is the key to qualifying for disability benefits. If you work with an attorney you may have a higher chance of winning the disability benefits you deserve. Complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page to get connected with an independent, participating attorney who subscribes to the website.  

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