What Disabilities are Caused by a Stroke?

If you have suffered a stroke, you might find yourself facing disabilities that have left you unable to work. Strokes can result in debilitating conditions that make working impossible. Sometimes you are left needing help to perform your daily activities. You might be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits.

The disability process is very detailed and requires hard medical evidence that supports your claim. There are three ways to get your disability claim started. You can visit www.ssa.gov and start the process, you can call 1-800-772-1213 and start your claim over the phone, or you can visit your local SSA office and start the process by visiting an SSA representative face-to-face.

What Kinds of Disabilities Result From a Stroke?

Strokes can have life-altering results. There are five different kinds of disabilities that can result from a stroke. The main disability that results from a stroke is paralysis or motor control. Usually, the paralysis is on the side of the body opposite from the side of the brain that suffered damage during the stroke. Sensory disturbances are also common problems that result from a stroke.

This means that the stroke victim might suffer from the ability to feel temperature, touch, position, or pain. Sensory deficits could impact the ability to recognize objects and might result in the inability to even recognize one’s own limbs. These sensory disturbances can lead to chronic pain that affects the ability to function.

If you suffered a stroke, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

Aphasia, which is a problem understanding or using language, is suffered by about one out of every four stroke victims. This can involve the ability to write, understand, and speak language. Those who suffer from expressive aphasia will have difficulty conveying their thoughts through writing or by words. Many stroke victims suffer problems with memory and/or thinking. Strokes can also lead to emotional disturbances. This might mean the stroke victim experiences anxiety, depression, anger, fear, sadness, frustration, or even grief for their physical and mental sufferings. Brain damage can result in personality changes and emotional disturbances.

Disability Benefits After A Stroke

If you have suffered a stroke and you are no longer able to work, you might be able to get approval for disability benefits. To be approved for monthly benefits, your condition must meet the medical criteria of a listing. Strokes are considered under the Blue Book Listing under Section 11.04. This listing requires for benefits approval that you:

Either have lost your ability to speak and write completely or it is severely impaired, OR You have pronounced difficulty coordinating or controlling movement of at least two extremities.

If you cannot meet either or those requirements, you can use Section 2.02, 2.03, or 2.04 if your vision was affected or Section 2.10 if you are experiencing hearing loss because of the stroke.

Many are denied disability  the first time they apply. Do not worry if this happens to you. You can then file an appeal.

Consult With A Disability Attorney

If you have suffered a stroke that has left you unable to work, you might be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. To improve your odds of a successful claim, consult with a disability attorney. Fill out our Free Case Evaluation to speak with a Social Security disability attorney or disability advocate in your area today.

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