Can a Caregiver Help With Applying for Disability?

Many medical conditions can prevent you from working and earning a substantial income. The conditions can be incapacitating and range from mental to physical disabilities.

There’s a very good chance that the condition that causes your disability can help you qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Applying for benefits can give you the financial help you need. If your disability prevents you from applying yourself, a caregiver can help you with the application process.

How can a caregiver help?

The SSA has procedures that allow adult caregivers to assist those who can’t apply for disability themselves. This often is the case when a caregiver is caring for a child or adult who’s been disabled since childhood. But, there are other conditions which can prevent you from being able to apply for disability yourself.

Your caregiver can help out by understanding what’s involved in the application process. There are standard documentation and information that’s needed for all disability applications. Knowing what to expect is half the battle.

Depending on the situation, the SSA may want to document the financial information of a disabled person’s household. This means they’ll want to know how much income is coming into the household and any other financial resources at their disposal.

Whether or not the SSA asks for financial information, they’ll want to determine if the disability medically qualifies you for benefits. In this case, the SSA will want access to all medical documentation and information to review and determine whether or not the disability medically qualifies for benefits.

Your caregiver can help contact your doctors and other providers for documentation of medical records, procedures, tests, and treatments. A letter from your physician which details your disability and how it prevents you from working can also greatly enhance your chances of approval.

What’s involved in the application process?

Once the necessary documentation and information are at hand, it’s time to apply for disability benefits. This can be done by scheduling an appointment with a local SSA office or calling them at 1-800-772-1213. An application can also be initiated online.

Your caregiver can help you fill out the necessary paperwork and forms. They can also be with you during the interview to help you answer any questions. If you’re unable to attend the application meetings, the SSA understands that there are cases it isn’t possible.

In this case, your caregiver can apply for you and you can sign the application at a later date. The SSA may also allow you to offer your consent to allow someone else to file your claim.

Consult with a Disability Attorney

Whichever way you proceed with your disability application, consulting with a disability attorney can be invaluable. They can help you throughout the process and implement strategies at all stages to increase your chance of an approval.

If your application is initially denied, they can help you appeal your application. They can also offer the help you need to get the approval you deserve and need. Contact an attorney today!

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