I won my case

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I received notification on the 22nd, that i had won my Adjudication and Review. The Decision was "Fully Favorable".

How long now is the "average" wait period for payments to begin? Any help on this will greatly be appreciated.




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Hi there,
I really could not say as that would depend on various factors, however age and the ability to work or be re-trained are some of the big factors about a case. If you're near/over 50 and unable to work, you may be eligible for benefits.

Rener buck (not verified)
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My award letter for ssi was missing several thousands of dollers. I called ssa and asked why i was told because i was part of the time homeless. But i was living with a friend and paying her L&I and unemployment before i filed again with an attorny this time they said i had to pay some kind of income to be considered.
They never asked my attorney that or me for any receipts.
Ssi just deducted my back pay during that time i lived with her
I think my attorny missed that period of time.what can i do?


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Hi Rener,
They may have accounted for that time, and if were living there for free, that free housing may be counted as income.

Dolores zamora (not verified)
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Did I win my case


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Hi Dolores,
I could not say! You may want to contact the SSA as we are not affiliated with them or the federal government.
You can call them at 1-800-772-1213.

Steve (not verified)
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I was ssdi by a federal judge in January 2017. I was notified by my attorney and had immediate payment of benefits coming dating back several years to when I first applied. My attorney said it could take several months to get my first benefit check. What does several months mean when immediate payment of benefits was ordered?


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Hi Steve,
Generally if you receive SSDI benefits, there is a wait time of five months before monthly benefits start.

Patricia Akins (not verified)
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I done a court hearing Aug 9 of 2017, how long befire i get a letter with a decision?


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Hi Patricia,
Every case is different, and as such it can take varying lengths of time to receive a decision letter from the SSA. Hang in there!

Miyoshi (not verified)
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I became disabled on December 31,2015 i applied for disability on June 6,2016 i received a letter a few months saying i was not eligible so i appealed my case and had my hearing December 6,2017 so long will it take for me to a decision


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HI Miyoshi,
Since every case is different, it can take varying amounts of time for the SSA to send you a decision letter.

Lynn (not verified)
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Just received my notice I'm fully favorable. If I receive back pay do they take taxes out?


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HI Lynn,
They may not take taxes out of your award, however you may want to contact the SSA regarding this.

Pittman (not verified)
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Went to court 1/2017 the judge has been collecting my records he finally made decision after verifying my income is this good it's such a long wait


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Hi there,
I really could not say, it does take some time for an ALJ to render their decision and have it written.

Tallman (not verified)
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I appeared in front of the ALJ at the hearing on 1/30/2018 and he determined that my current illnesses cause chronic absenteeism resulting in at least four or more missed days of work per month. He then asked for the letter from my primary care provider stating that my current illnesses cause chronic absenteeism resulting in at least four or more missed days of work per month. Now I am waiting. How long till I receive payment and how much does child support take out?


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Hi Tallman,
Every case is different and as such it can take varying amounts of time to receive a decision. Also, child support laws vary by state, so I really could not say. You may want to consult your state's laws about child support in this case.

Sunshine (not verified)
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Dire needed? I went into Ssi and gave them my eviction paper and disconnection bills due Or already disconnected. I have been verbally told by the Judge I was approved. How long does it take for Ssi to get back b4 the courts put me Kids out? A few days


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Hi Sunshine,
Unfortunately it might take a few months, but you could always call the SSA and request expedited payments due to hardship.

Theresa Jordan (not verified)
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I went to my hearing yesterday; the judge said: "I hope this helps you and I am recommending in favor of." I then asked, "Have I been approved?" He then said you will hear from social security by mail. What does this mean?


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Hi Theresa,

It just means that you will be getting an official verdict in the mail.

Manda (not verified)
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I had got a letter in the mail saying they will be giving me my date to go to a video hearing ...how long will it take to get a date set up for for disability benefits

Jessica (not verified)
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My lawyer and I received my award letter on July 11th, 2017, and also have a # I can use to check on status, but each time I check all I get is pending status, and when I call the office where I had my hearing I keep getting the same BS about there being only 2 people to type up the awards letters for the people who have been approved and that's the reason I am still being given 8 months after I was awarded benefits! Something just doesn't sound right about this whole situation, and I don't know how to go forward and find out what is going on! The secretary for my lawyer just keeps saying to keep checking and I never even get to speak with him! This seems so wrong, like it's got to be unconstitutional or something! My family is such dire need and my husband can't go on trying to make all the ends meet that just don't! What do I do?


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Hi Jessica,
That is absolutely ridiculous! 8 months is about twice as long as I'd expect to wait for disability benefits. Have you called the SSA directly and not your attorney? The ODAR office may not be able to help. You can also check the status of your payment on your MySSA account online.

Mik (not verified)
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I had my hearing on Nov 28th 2017. The judge stated she would have my answer in 2 months. It’s noe Feb 2018. I do have an atty but I feel like they have been much help. I on 3 years disability now with no income, can’t work and am still waiting for the decision. Any idea how ugh longer this will take? Thanks all

Fuddy (not verified)
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Judge gave me a fullyfavorable decision Jan 17.2018. Online status says appeal for SSD, SSI is currently processing. What does it mean.


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Hi Fuddy,
Sounds like they're still processing your claim and haven't determined if you're eligible for SSI and SSDI at the same time.

Susan (not verified)
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Hello, I had my hearing almost 4 weeks ago. 1/26/2018. The judge stated that it was a fully favorable decision. I haven't received anything from social security. I did check with my attorney, she said my case was waiting to be written. ..that was 3 weeks ago. Should I be concerned?
Is there anything I can check or speak to find more information on my case?


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Hi Susan,
It will often take four months to receive your benefits after your decision, so I wouldn't be too worried about it.

Robert Colletti (not verified)
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I won my disability in ALJ court who gets notified first my Atty or me.


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Hi Robert,

Congrats! That's a great question, I can't say for sure. You may want to ask your attorney about that.

johnny (not verified)
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how long does it take to get a hearing date?

Linda Harrell (not verified)
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How long did it take to receive your hearing date with the judge? I have been waiting since July 2017.


Pharon (not verified)
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I was denied SS Disability in July, hired a lawyer in August to appeal, and received my first check in September. They did not give me back pay so my lawyer has appealed that decision in November. In December we submitted the documentation that we want to go in front of a judge. How long should it take to get a court date from this point on? I’m also thinking about asking for “dire need” because we are getting ready to lose our home to back property taxes because I was unable to work and keep up with bills.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I won my case on Feb 22. 2018 how soon will I receive my benefits

Victor Stone (not verified)
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I won my social security. But I won't get my first check for another 3 months. How can I get money early to help pay for bills?

Jim (not verified)
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My SSI hearing I was awarded a favorable decision how do I figure out how much money I receive

Margaux (not verified)
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I have fighting for my disability for 2.4 years. I went to my hearing with the VE and ALJ. The VE said there is no job I can perform. I basically won the hearing. How long until I get formal paperwork?


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Hi There,

Congrats on winning your case! I can't say for sure when exactly, but I would recommend to be proactive in checking the status of your account.

Jeannie (not verified)
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My brother had his hearing last month and received a letter from ssi stating they will deal directly with his lawyer what does it mean


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Hi Jeannie,

Social Security attorney are notified by the SSA before the claimants regarding if they were approved or denied.

Sarah (not verified)
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During my hearing the 'VE said I wasn't hirable for the 3 jobs they listed after the ALK asked her hypothetical questions. It's been 1 month the ALJ said he was behind 60 days. I called today said no decision made yet. Is that normal?

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