I won my case

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 04/10/2013 - 15:00

I received notification on the 22nd, that i had won my Adjudication and Review. The Decision was "Fully Favorable".

How long now is the "average" wait period for payments to begin? Any help on this will greatly be appreciated.



Molly C (not verified)
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Your award letter should give you some idea of when you can expect to receive your first payment. If you haven't received payment by the date specified in your award letter, I would suggest calling your local Social Security office. An SSA representative will be able to give you further assistance. Good luck!

James (not verified)
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I receive letter saying fully favorable on April 22, 2013, hearing was April 4, 2013. Initial letter didn't give start date of payment or even how much, but did say on set date Sept 5, 2011. it also said my entitlements went till Dec 31, 2015, why is that

B (not verified)
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I hired a lawyer 10/2011. Our financial arrangemenet was 25% of my SSI monthly. Judge awarded Disability on 4/13, and post dated to 2006. I didn't realize I would get back money or that my son would get money. The Lawyer now wants me to sign a 25% of award contract. Do I have to sign this when we already made other arrangements? They called me after award and ask me to sign a 25% after I have been paying him into a trust account. Should he get money back to 06 when he only represented me as of 10/11. Should Lawyer get any of my son's money when we didn't know or talk about that? Because he is my attorney can he force disability to give him 25% of my and my son's award?

Joy (not verified)
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I had my hearing this past Wednesday. The judge has already stated that he approved my disability. So what happens next . Is there any way I can find out how much I will be receiving


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Hi Joy,
Generally you will receive a letter containing all the information about your approval.


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Hey Thomas!

We are not affiliated with the SSA or the federal government, so that isn't something we can help with. You can try calling the SSA at 1-800-772-1213, checking your MySSA account, or calling your lawyer for an update if you worked with one! Best of luck to you!

stephon johnson (not verified)
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if you dotn mind me asking what symptoms you had ot make you win your case


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Hi there,
The SSA approves people for disability based on their ability to work rather than the symptoms they have, generally.

Deborah (not verified)
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I received a federal disability retirement (FERS) in February 2014 and have been collecting an annuity. I was initially denied social security disability insurance (SSDI). I obtained an attorney and appealed the decision. In a letter dated December 2016 I was advised that I was granted a fully favorable decision, which dates back to August 2014. My question is, will I have to pay back OPM a portion of my lump some payment since they would normally subtract 60% of my monthly SSDI had I been approved when I first applied? I was told during my employer disability counseling session that I would not have to return any overpayments to OPM and that the deductions to my annuity would to be retroactive, but I cannot seem to find anything in writing regarding this kind of scenario.


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Hi Deborah,
I can't really be sure, but if OPM determines an overpayment, they will contact your regarding it.

mikey (not verified)
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I had my alj judge hearing finally and got turned down for ssdi but for ssi it says a Medical decision has been made and they are processing The decision that was made on The 28th on last month. Also The same Day The ssdi turned me Down.What does that metan.


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Hi Mikey,
You may have been approved for SSI benefits, which are income and financial resource based benefits.

Erica Ingram (not verified)
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I was approved for SSI and SSDI I was originally fully favored 4/28/17 I had the perc meeting for SSI on 5/15/17 put the ss website it's saying social security disability approved 5/23/17 and For the SSI disability still processing I'm confused and how for I receive back pay


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Hi Erica,

Congrats on getting approved! You should be entitled to backpay for when you first applied for benefits.

Best Wishes,

Leroy (not verified)

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Had my SSI hearing 11-30-17 and VE says that theres no light work i can to in my past work. ALJ tells me its easier to be approved at 55, im 57. Afterwards court reporter, i think that who he was! Calls me into his office and tells me he think im gonna be approved. Are those good signs?

Truly Confused (not verified)
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Could someone PLEASE give me some advice because I'm a little confused? I received a call from my attorney saying I was approved but he was sending me a paper that I needed to sign this form so that if I was awarded backpay he would get his money. He did mention a hearing in approximately 75 days. He asked that I make sure that his office has all my Dr's visits etc. When he said I was approved I thought he ment that my disability was approved, but now I hear that it is EJA hearing. Can anyone please tell me what this? What this means? What are my chances of winning? For the first time in 7 yrs I felt a little bit of relief for about a week and now I feel all that pressure again because if not knowing what exactly is going on and just the unknown.

Terri (not verified)

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This is so identical to mine. It sounds like we are at the same place. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there that's confused and feels like I have the pressure of the entire world sitting on my shoulders.

Terri (not verified)
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I'm a little confused. I received a call from my attorney saying I was approved except for we needed to go regarding my back pay and I needed to sign something so that he could get paid. He said to make sure I had all my Dr's visits together from a certain point. I've had my hearing and was denied and paid a filing fee of around $400 and it's been well over 2 years since my original hearing. I'm confused as to where we are are? Can anyone help?


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Hi Terri,
He may just want to finalize some aspects of your case, including any fees the lawyer may be asking for. In addition, he may also be getting ready for an ALJ hearing, where a judge determines your ability to work.

Terri (not verified)

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We are getting ready for a Federal Court review. What are the chances of a good outcome of this hearing? The form I signed was a EAJA form. How many cases go that far? Why did it go that far? Honestly do I have a chance to win? This has been a 7 year process I have only gotten worse with new problems since I originally filed. These 7 yrs have put such a financial burden on my husband and my family the stress of that alone is horrendous and for it to end up not in my favor will be devastating.


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Hi Terri,

It's tough to for sure because every case is different and so is every federal judge. However, the more evidence you have, the better chances you have winning your case. Wishing you nothing but the best.


Terri (not verified)

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One major problem I had at my hearing was everything I had been told for multiple years by a Dr was not documented. So it kind of made me look like a fool. Fortunately my regular Dr had documented everything through so I felt like that saved me. I've been going through a really tough time personally not just medically this last year and I have not been able to get to my Dr's as much. The toll that it all takes on you is every aspect of your life physically mentally emotionally financially has taken just about everything from me. This has to come through because if it doesn't I truly don't know what I'm going to do.

Kathleen Holifield (not verified)
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My disability claim is now in appeal; waiting to go before a judge. I suffer with ptsd (combat)and I'm currently in counseling and also have 4 DX, do u think an OTR will be to my advantage?


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Hi Katheleen,

Sorry to hear that. But it is tough to say because every case/judge is different. Wishing you nothing but the best.


Tasha (not verified)
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I went to a heading on May 25th 2017 how long does it take to hear something from the judhe


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Hi Tasha,

Unfortunately there is no black and white answer. However regularly checking your status online and with your lawyer (If you have one) is recommended.


Monique (not verified)
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I went to my hearing Friday July 21,2017 in tyler texas soon as I went in the court room the judge sworn me in I sat there my lawyer was beside me they call the vocational trainer he was on the phone and another guy typing and as soon as the judge looked at my medical records he said there wasn't a reason to carry on I obvious can't work I didn't even have to testify I wasn't in there not even 10mins Glory to God been waiting for 2 in a half years but my lawyer said it can be up to 90days until I hear some and it's not guaranteed until it's on paper

Tammy laws (not verified)

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My lawyer has already told me i was approved got my letter notice of decision an it is fully favorable was wanting to know when I will b receive my first check

Cheryl (not verified)
Tue, 07/25/2017 - 19:34 Permalink

I got the decision letter stating fully favorable. When do I get my award letter


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Hi Cheryl,
I really couldn't say, every case is different and can take varying amounts of time. Hang in there!

Cherry (not verified)
Thu, 07/27/2017 - 00:55 Permalink

I received a call by my advocate 7/7/17-my appeal was approved by the judge.I was also told how much I will receive by SS office but . I would have to wait till I receive a award letter to bring to office.How long will this take to get letter from judge?


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Hi Cherry,

Congrats on getting approved! However, it's really tough to say. I would check in from time to time with your SSD advocate.


April (not verified)
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My case has been in a dire need status since February of this year and we FINALLY had my disability hearing on June 30th here in Waco Texas. According to my legal aid we are still in post hearing development to render a decision keeping in mind I am a dire need case. I have to usually put fire under her butt for anything to happen. Like get my own medical records and I'm seriously disabled. Any thoughts on time etc. Please help. No one else is :-(

Jean Webb (not verified)
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My judge made a bench decision on August 14th, and I won my case. I was told I would see mone in 2 -4 weeks it will be 3 weeks on the 9-4-17, they only thing I have received was after 1 week from the court that I won my case , no amount or how much back pay or monthly pay was on that paper. I am getting 27 months of back pay, is there a way I can put my SS number in the system and that can give me some idea how much I am getting? Thanks Jean Webb


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Hi Jean,
You may receive a letter from the SSA that explains how much money you would be receiving a little later on.

Brandy (not verified)
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Dear Eric
Am I able to file a Dire Needs Request From after the hearing? Unfortunately I'm in the process of getting evicted. If I'm able to file this form, where would I get it from? I was told I could file that form with the Eviction Notice. I also have a PG&E bill of $1643.67, the only reason I haven't gotten disconnected is due to my Medical Base Line Form. In other words as per doctor's orders I can't be without heat due to risk of lowering my immune system due to cancer. Do you think if I submitted 1. Dires Needs Request Form 2. Eviction Notice and 3. PG&E Bill would this help to Expedite my case? Please Advise


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Hi Brandy,

I am sorry to hear that. You are able to file a Dire Needs Request after the hearing.
It's tough to say for sure, but that could constitute an expedited payment. Wishing you nothing but the best.

Brandy (not verified)

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Thanks for the response Eric. I have 2 other questions. Where would I be able to get the Dires Needs Request Form. Also do I file this form to the Hearing Department or to the local SS office? Please advise.
Thank You

Noelle J Gomes (not verified)
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I was already awarded SSI 4 years ago and now they want to take it away as I have "improved" when the improvements are lessening of stress from removing work stress, steady housing and income. If I go back to work, the stress will bring on all the symptoms that get me fired in the first place. Do I need to be represented at this hearing all over again, and how am I going to pay for it?


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Hi Noelle,
You may be eligible for benefits if you can establish that your conditions have worsened.

Marc (not verified)
Mon, 12/18/2017 - 11:22 Permalink

Just awarded ssdi.will I need to pay tax’s on that

Anonymous (not verified)
Fri, 01/05/2018 - 12:30 Permalink

I had a hearing on Dec 18th and I only was asked a few questions by the judge. My lawyer didn't ask any questions I was in and out in 20 minutes. I use oxygen daily and use a cane because of a stroke..what are my chances of getting approval?

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