I won my case

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 04/10/2013 - 15:00

I received notification on the 22nd, that i had won my Adjudication and Review. The Decision was "Fully Favorable".

How long now is the "average" wait period for payments to begin? Any help on this will greatly be appreciated.




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Hi Tammy,

This just means that they are still in the middle of processing your decision. A decision has not been made one way or the other.

Tara Tillman (not verified)
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What does pending mean in a disability plane

Ashley Isgrigg (not verified)
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What does it mean when it says , Another office will process my decision and decide if you meet the non-disability requirements for supplemental security income payments ?

Rose (not verified)
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Judge didn’t have any questions for me ? Not sure what to think of that ?


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Hi Rose,

It may be that there is enough information in the medical records, documentation, etc. that were submitted for the judge to make a decision. You should receive a letter in the mail once a decision was made.

Pam (not verified)
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If the vocational expert eliminates all jobs in an ALJ hearing, is that a good indication I have won my case?


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Hi Pam,

It can help show you medically qualify for benefits. You should receive a letter in the mail once a decision is made!

Christine (not verified)
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I was denied SSI but my SSDI application says there is a decision made and my claim is being processed.What does that mean?


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Hi Christine,

There are two separate sets of criteria for SSI and SSDI. This just means that they are still determining whether or not you are able to qualify for SSDI.

Jack (not verified)
Mon, 08/31/2020 - 18:29 Permalink

What does it mean if the ssi sends a letter stating the are only dealing with my lawyer


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Hi Jack,

It means that any correspondence they will be sending about your claim, they will be sending straight to your lawyer. For example, if they have any requests for more medical information, they will send the request to your lawyer.

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