SSDI length of time for back pay?

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When I initially met with my attorney, I was told that back pay would go back one year from application, minus 5 months (I had already waited over 2 years to file because I was told I would have "full recovery" after my 2 fusion surgeries). I've received my acceptance letter but not my back pay yet, and during my search for more info on the process I came across a SSDI page stating that even if it takes 24 months for your claim to get approved, you can only receive pay for 12 months. Can anybody help clarify this for me please? Also, I have friends who received their back pay before or immediately after their approval letters (NY), but I've seen posts by people saying it took several months so I was wondering if there was a formula for when I can expect mine? I'm not looking to go on a spending spree, but I have a mortgage, car payment, property and school taxes, and children to feed and clothe as well as one in an expensive college. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and all input is appreciated.

Kelly Goff (not verified)
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My husband had his ssdi hearing March 2016,he was approved. He got his first check June 1 .Then June 4 he got some of his back pay. We are trying to get all of his back pay because we wanted to purchase a home. We called social security and his lawyers. They Told us that IF my husband was to get all his ack pay, then he would no longer be "diasbled" .This makes no sense. What can we do?


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Hi Kelly,
If your husband was getting benefits based off of his income level, then may be correct. If you have income or resources larger than their limits for eligibility, then he would be considered ineligible for benefits.

Rob Stevens (not verified)
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Hello I have been waiting for 4 years and 7 months. I finally received a fully favorable decision from the review board on July 27, 2016 because the ALJ was a total jerk in 2013. I still cannot find out anything from my lawyer or Social Security as to how much my monthly payments or back pay will be. I did make an account on the website for "My Social Security". According to that site I should get $2141 per month - my wife is also disabled and gets $1200 per month and our 15 year old son gets $600 per month. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process and if nothing else is there someway I can find out what the real monthly pay and back pay will be?? We are beyond desperate food is incredibly scarce and I have not been able to license my vehicle since October 2015 because we have no money. Thank you for any help or ideas!!!


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HI Rob,
Yes, you may want to contact the SSA regarding this, if you're facing hardship they may be able to expedite your benefits.

Rob Stevens (not verified)

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Well my apologies. I forgot to include that with the fully favorable decision I received on July 27 2016 I also received info that the two Social Security Judges did not approve my 2nd lawyer's fees. The first so called lawyer was a quack and I fired him. He was hired by my joke of a long term disabilty insurance company. And yes I am sorry I am bitter towards my LTD insurance place but they cut me off after two years - their "doctors" said that I could go back to work after never talking to me seeing me or anything else!!
The 2nd lawyer I hired sent a few lawyer letters and medical updates and wants to be paid $6000 and I don't care about that. I will pay that just to start getting money for my family.
I just don't know what else to do. Food is becoming very scarce - our propane that we use for heat and the water heater is starting to run low I have not been able to license my vehicle since October 2015 and our washer and dryer have all blown up!! What else do we have to go through?? Can you give us any ideas about what I should do from here on out???




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Hi Rob,
It may be a good idea to contact your state's social services for temporary heating assistance and any food banks that may be available in your area.

Cindy (not verified)
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I was approved on July 1 2016 after applying may 2013. I got my first month in September. My lawyer got paid on August 2nd. Now they say they are waiting on ssi. I never received ssi before. What's going on??? Please help. I had another heart attack 3 weeks ago. I noe have heart failure too. This is stressing me out.


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Hi Cindy,
I'm sorry to hear about that!
You may meet the requirements for SSI benefits, which are an income-based benefit. It's common to apply for both, the lawyer may have done that on your behalf.

Bobbi (not verified)
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I have to have a payee with my back pay. I recived a large lump sum. My payee ripped me off. I need to get a new payee to get the rest of my back pay. How long do i have to do so


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Hi Bobbi,
I would contact the SSA regarding this, you can call them at 1-800-772-1213 to change your payee and report the person who stole your money.

Rachelle (not verified)
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My father was approved disability back pay since 2013. He was approved Dec 2015 and passed away Feb 2016. The back pay was awarded to my siblings and I. S.S. has had the paperwork since April 2016. Still no payment and it's October! What could be the hold up?


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Hi Rachelle,
I'm sorry to hear that.
You may want to contact the SSA about this, you can do so at 1-800-772-1213

Kelly (not verified)
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Hello I'm disabled already and I applied for my parents ssdi survivors I think it's called and it was back in aug. I have got a lot of different letters the last one I got is saying what they will pay but didn't say how much it's just saying they are withholding and it's now oct and I haven't heard nothing since and I know they are going back from years of back payment that is owed to me but what's taking so long to get back everytime I call they say it's pending i don't know what to do but wait I been waiting almost three months but got nothing no back pay or letter and I want to know if I am already disabled and my parent gets ssdi when I do receive the back pay will it be in lump sum or installments because I already get SSI but parent gets ssdi I'm confused please help asap


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Hi kelly,
The SSA generally pays back pay for SSDI as a lump sum, and it generally takes around four months from when you start monthly benefits to get the lump sum.

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I got my ssd on 10 18 2016 how long do it take from the payment center thay got it on 10 19 2016


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Hi there,
Generally payment times may depend on a variety of factors, including bank processing times and any waiting periods you may be in.

Robert (not verified)
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I filed back on August 23 2016. I got a letter stating my eod was July 15 2015. I dont understand the meaning of this or the 5 month thing can anyone help. Thanks


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Hi Robert,
You should be entitled to 8 months of retroactive payments. You were disabled for 13 months before applying, but the SSA will not count the first 5 months, which leaves you with 8 months of entitlement.

Tyren (not verified)
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Ssdi owe me pay from 2001 till 2016 how much back pay get back..

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