Do I qualify for the little person disability at 4'11"

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 07/21/2011 - 19:38

I am 4' 11" tall and i am wondering if I qualify for disability?


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Hi Trina,
Thanks for sharing! It's true, if your condition leaves you unable to work, you may qualify for benefits.

Anonymoous (not verified)
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Im 4/8 and I have hypertension and arthritis what I qualify for disability

Gregory (not verified)
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I currently am getting disability. My wife recently died. Am I entitled to any of her benefits. I made more money than she did.


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Hi Gregory,
I am sorry for your loss.
If you had made more money than your wife, then you may not be eligible for survivor's benefits because you would receive a larger benefit based off of your own work record than her's.

Ruby (not verified)
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I'm 4' 9" I have two bulged disks, one torn disk, spinal stunious ,back problems, bad knees. could I get any kind of help. with funds to pay for meds.

Michelle (not verified)
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I am 4 foot 10 inches tall. I have extreme migraines, bipolar, and I can not keep a job because of the anxiety that comes all g with it. Should I presue disability? I'm close to thirty and feel broken and useful, I've been a Cna and my back is blown.
Would appreciate feedback

Christins (not verified)

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Wow Michelle we seem to have a lot in common. I was a CNA and Med Tech for about 6 years before I had my 18th surgery (2nd on my back) I too am 4'10" and have Golden Harr syndrome, Spina Bifida, Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, as well as re-occurring scoliosis and tethered cord syndrome due to spinabifida. I have bipolar disorder and also high
Anxiety levels, arachnoiditis, osteoarthritis, and bulging and deteriating disks. I have had a lawyer on my disability case since January of 2015. I have yet to even have a hearing for disability. I applied originally on December 4, 2014. I live in the state of Maryland. Our decision making people are so slow. I have lost almost everything due to me not being able to work anymore. If your going to apply for disability I would recommend finding
Someone you can trust to hold thousands of dollars in a bank account for you. Because I have lost my husband to divorce as well as went from a brand new car to a clunker. It's difficult to make it while waiting on the process. But if you are anything like me and cry at work from the pain then I would say go for it. Wishing you the best of luck!

Michelle (not verified)
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My 15 year old has multiple severe life threatening food allergies. She is only able to eat what I prepare. Does she quality for benefits?


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Hi Michelle,
Your child may qualify for benefits if those allergies create other conditions that would be considered disabling by the SSA.

anonymous (not verified)
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Hi, I'm legally 4'11 and I'm 23 yes old, can I claim little person disability?
And am I concerned handicapped?


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Hi there,
You might not be considered disabled unless your height would cause problems that would lead you to be unable to work.

matt nelson (not verified)
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I have a life of being locked up and cant seem to function in society or find a job do to cant be comfortable with other races around me ,any way to get ssi early


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Hi Matt,
If you've got medical records stating that you are unable to work full time due to a medical condition, you may be able to get disability benefits. However, if there is no medical record of a disability, you may not be eligible for benefits.

Petty D (not verified)
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Am I considered a midget at my height. of 4'10 in a half

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