Do I qualify for the little person disability at 4'11"

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 07/21/2011 - 19:38

I am 4' 11" tall and i am wondering if I qualify for disability?


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Hi Petty D,
I would say not because many people consider the word "midget" offensive. However reaching a height of no more than four feet, ten inches may mean that you have dwarfism.

Wendy (not verified)
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My 12 y/o daughter is 4'8", has autism and anxiety. She is otherwise in perfect health. I am 4'11" and am just able to reach the pedals in my car/truck and can bRely see over the hood of the car (with a cushion). I am concerned that she will have worse problems in a standard car. I don't know if there are vehicles that are specially made for this issue. Does she qualify for any benefits toward this "disability" for lack of a better term? Or at least entitled to certain benefits toward a car to fit her needs?


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Hi Wendy,
if her condition is severe enough to impede normal function, she may be eligible for benefits. As far as a specialized car goes, she may be able to use any benefit funds she is eligible for to purchase such a car.

Susan (not verified)
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At 4'6" am I considered a little person at 53 yrs old


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Hi Susan,
You may be, but to be eligible for benefits it would have to cause health problems that would impede your ability to work.

Kaylee (not verified)
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If you 4'5 do you qualify as a short person. If you have health problems and are in chronic pain does that qualify. I am also 16.


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Hi Kaylee,
It's very hard to say if you qualify as a short person as it requires medical expertise that I do not posess. However, it may be a good idea to look into disability benefits if you have chronic pain that stops you from working.

Kay M. Derby (not verified)

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I am 4'10" was on disability until l turned 65. Birth date 4 29 1950. I have lost l inch, have chronic pain from arthritis and following 4 surgeries on R shoulder and l on the cervical spine. Fell causing the initial surgery. I have a balance problem. I have severe r hip pain and pain in left hip. Orthotics just received help. I am seeing a chronic pain specialist and going to PT. Both for the upper body and the lower body. Arthritis just discovered in my hips. Fell and rolled down hill Nov.2016. Severe fracture of my left ankle. Healing well.slight arthritis seen on last. Xray.

bassackward (not verified)
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My wife is 4'8 is recovering from breast cancer, gets bad migraines that are debilitating and has a learning disability. She works at a fast food place and it sucks all the energy she has. What are the odds of getting dissability for her.

Sabrina Yvonne… (not verified)
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I'm 4'8 and also suffer from pain in my legs, hands and also my back,need to know if I can receive diddability

Amber (not verified)
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I am 4 ten and have back knee and leg problems and i am overweight. I have never been diagnosed with anything accept for pcos and obesity and sciatica would i qualifyfor anything

Sasha (not verified)
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I have had 3 surgeries. And I have lost my voice. I work on the phone for a living. Do you think I would be able to get disability? I'm about to lose my job because of this loss.


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Hi Sasha,
It's definitely possible! If you have lost your voice for at least 12 months and you cannot preform any work that does not allow you to speak, you may have a chance of qualifying. It will be an uphill battle, so I would recommend contacting a Social Security disability attorney about your case.

Marifer (not verified)
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Iam 4'10
I am diabetic type 1
I have neuropathy ,kidney problems,retinopathy
Do I cualify ????

Elizabeth (not verified)
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I'm 4ft 9 in very good health aged 48 will I be eligible for benefits as I get older

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