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I wanted to know if my kids

I wanted to know if my kids qualify to receive ssi the father of my kids passed away 10 months ago and I don't know if he had benefits in his social or earnings I have two boys 1 year old and almost 2 year old ? I don't really know how this program works or what I need to have to be able to qualify ??

Hi Natalie, thank you for

Hi Natalie, thank you for your question. If your kids' father received SSI, your kids would not receive benefits as SSI does not extend benefits beyond the disabled individual.

After he's passed away, you could be eligible for survivors' benefits based on some factors and requirements, you may read more about Survivors' benefits here.

I am currently going through

I am currently going through a divorce-at the very beginning stages. My son is currently 50/50 with my wife and I: custodial and residential are both split down the middle. I have found out that she is applying for ssi for him (he is disabled and has received ssi in the past). I am currently paying child support/spousal support to her as she has no job. Since we have 50/50 custody, how does this work?

Hi Jethro, thank you for your

Hi Jethro, thank you for your question. Since your son receives support from both you and your soon-to-be ex-wife, he will still go through the parental deeming process to designate his financial resources. The SSA will deem an amount of financial resources for him and both your soon-to-be ex-wife's resources will be accounted for. If you'd like to read more about parental deeming, visit our Parental Deeming page.

My son is currently receiving

My son is currently receiving benefits due to his disability. He is six years old. I am considering divorcing my husband and im wondering if my son's benefit will increase. I do not work as I have 4 children total, all under 7 Andy son with severe disabilities. The benefit now is calculated on my husband's pay. If I am unemployed beong his only caretaker, would they increase the amount? Is there a maximum amount allowed for situations like this? I trying to see how I will manage financially if I decide to go through woth divorce. Thanks for your time.

Hi Kyle, the amount that you

Hi Kyle, the amount that you receive for your son depends on the deeming process by the Social Security Administration. They can only determine how much your son would be eligible for based on his financial resources. If you divorce your husband and your son no longer lives with his father, the deeming process could change. I suggest contacting the SSA as they can give you more information on how this could affect your payments. You can call your local office or the national number at 1-800-772-1213. Best of luck!

My husband applied for social

My husband applied for social security disability almost two years ago and recently was approved. We have been legally separated for 18 months and will soon be divorced. He does not pay any child support for our sons and I have full legal custody of them. Part of our legal separation stated that when he received social security disability, I would receive payments from SSD for the boys every month. How do I go about receiving these payments now that he has been approved? I know it won't be much, but every little bit helps....

Hi Sue, thank you for

Hi Sue, thank you for reaching out. If this was all included in your separation agreement and your soon-to-be ex-husband has started to receive his benefits, I would suggest calling the SSA with all the information needed to prove that this is indeed part of the agreement. I would call your local office or the national number at 1-800-772-1213. Best of luck!

We recently were given

We recently were given custody of our 3 grandchildren. Two receive SS/disability due to autism. Their father is incarcerated, their mother is unable to care for them. Are the children still eligible for these payments or does it depend on our income? We each make between $60,000 to $65,000/yr. My husband is nearing retirement age, we both still work but any extra income would help with child care expenses that we will now have.

If you retain full legal

If you retain full legal custody, there is a chance that the children will lose their disability benefits. The children can continue to receive benefits if you meet the financial requirements set forth by the SSA and if the children are adopted or don't have any living parents. For this situation, I would call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 for more information. Also, here is a brochure by the SSA for you to learn more about Benefits For Children With Disabilities

my father recently past and

my father recently past and im trying to find out if i can recieve his social security cause im on disibilty and im his oldest child with the same medical problem he died from

Hi Mario, i'm sorry to

Hi Mario, i'm sorry to hear about your loss. If you became disabled before you turned 22 and remain disabled, then you could be eligible to receive survivors benefits from your father. Since you are already receiving disability benefits, I suggest contacting the the Social Security Administration to determine if your benefits would increase after your father's death. You can call them at 1-800-772-1213. I wish you the best of luck.

Applied for adult disabled

Applied for adult disabled son in March 2014 ( lives with us ), approved 2 weeks ago and received a check for 6 months. My wife is the representative payee. a few questions... - Should we open a seperate account for these payments? Son has a savings account with a balance of $1400 - How should we maintain a list of his monthly expenses and show his share of expenses towards the household expenses? ( food, utilities, internet, TV etc ) - Would expenses like property tax, property insurance etc be considered, where he would contribute his share ? We are family of 5 adults, with 2 earning members. - What are the IRS tax implications of this money on the tax return, my wife and I file jointly? thank you Idris

Hi Idris, thank you for

Hi Idris, thank you for reaching out to us. After receiving a large back payment of benefits, you will be required to open a dedicated bank account for the funds and the use of those funds have restrictions:
The dedicated account must be a separate account from the one that is sued for standard monthly SSI
Account must be maintained separately from all other funds
Back payments cannot be used to purchase stocks, bonds, CDs or any other form of investment
Also, all of the funds in this dedicated account can only be spent on medical treatment and related expenses, educational expenses (job and skills training included) and special equipment, skilled nursing assistance, home modification and rehab/therapy expenses.

If you'd like to read more, we have a great blog post, How Should a Representative Payee Spend a Child's SSI Benefits? that describes how the money should or should not be spent. Best of luck!

my kids father get 1,700 from

my kids father get 1,700 from ssdi how much will his two kids get ?

Hi Tina, A child can receive

Hi Tina, A child can receive up to 50% of their parent's SSDI payment, but the actual amount varies case by case. I would contact your local SSA representative to get a more accurate number.

Hi, My son receives child

Hi, My son receives child/dependent benefits as I am on SSDI..He will be 18 next year but will still be a full time high school student. Will I still be the payee or will it change to his name?

Hi Dawn, Your son will

Hi Dawn, Your son will continue to receive SSDI payments if he's 18 until age 19 so long as he's enrolled as a full-time student at a secondary school.

My ex husband and non

My ex husband and non-custodial father of our two minor sons told me about 2 months ago that he has been officially declared disabled. I was told the other day that our kids might be eligible for benefits also. I know nothing about how all this works. He pays much less child support than is the standard for two kids, always has, so some additional help would be great. Do I apply for dependent benefits or does their father who is receiving SSDI need to apply? If he applied for dependent benefits and is keeping the checks intended for his boys for himself, how would I find out, outside of asking him (which may or may not be a truthful answer)? I just really do not know where to start and do not want to cause any problems between the boys' dad and myself if possible but I also do not want my kids to be cheated by their father and find out later in life and be hurt by this. Any insight here? Thank you

Hi Anne, The case sounds

Hi Anne, The case sounds complicated. I would recommend filling out an evaluation form and getting in contact with a lawyer to figure out what your options are with your SSDI applications.

My son was on disability, he

My son was on disability, he was never married to his sons mother, he just received a notification that SS overpaid $107,000 yesterday, he had no idea what this was for. I had him call SS immediately to try to find out what this was all about, the representative told him that apparently SS made a mistake and was sending the sons mother the "yearly" allocation to her on a monthly basis - for instance he should have received $350 a month and around $4,250 a year, but SS sent $4,250 a month to her. My son has not seen his son in over 12 years, the mother would not allow any contact at all. Apparently the mother applied for a portion of disability for the son, my son was not aware that this was done and that his son was receiving payments, he never received any paperwork or notification of this, he never signed any documents in regards to this. 1) wouldn't the mother have received some notice that told her what the monthly allocation was for the son? 2) By her not reporting the overage and cashing the check each month isn't that fraud and holds her liable? 3) My son should be waived of any responsibility as he had no knowledge or didn't benefit at all from this as he has not seen his son at all. Any feedback you can offer is greatly appreciated. I just don't know how SS can hold my son accountable when he had not idea at all this money was being sent. Thank you

Hi Claudia, I am so sorry to

Hi Claudia, I am so sorry to hear about your son's current predicament. If your son was never married to his child's mother but she received SSI benefits on his behalf without his knowledge, this is social security fraud. The son's mother should be responsible for the payments. I would advise you to contact your SSA representative to get the matter sorted out. Best of luck to you and your son.

I received custody of my

I received custody of my granddaughter when she was 3 and both her parents went to prison. I have had her ever since and she is now 10. Her parents got out of prison for a couple years but she remained with me with no financial help from her parents. I started drawing my ss retirement when she was 6 and her parents were still in jail. I was told at that time that I had to have adopted her but reading the rules now it does not say that. Now I'm told I had to have applied for her within a year after staring my benefits. How would I find out what is true. Her parents are now back in prison and are looking at up to 20 yrs with breaking parole. Where could I go to find out?

Hi Linda,

Hi Linda,
I am so sorry to hear about your current situation. It's pretty specific, so I would recommend contacting your local SSA representative. You could also get in contact with an attorney by filling out our Free Disability Evaluation. Best of luck to you.

Hi. First, thank you for

Hi. First, thank you for taking the time to read and reply. I have a daughter out of wedlock who is now 12. To cut to the chase... paternity was established a long time ago but now by judiciary order. More recently he acknowledged by signing a paternity acknowledgment form through DHR. He is on SSDI and has been for maybe a year or longer. My question is, if approved to receive Social or supplemental support, will my daughter recieve any back pay and if so how far does it go back? 3 months, a year,? I am a seriously struggling mom and this was a small sigh of relief to find out today that she should be eligible. Thank you so much

Hi Kathy,

Hi Kathy,
Yes, to my knowledge the child is entitled to back pay as far back as the time at which the father was approved for SSDI. So long as your daughter is her father's dependent, she should qualify.

I have a daughter that

I have a daughter that received Ssi and she is pregnant. Will she get more Ssi after the baby is born.

Hi Michell,

Hi Michell,
I am not positive. Recipients of SSI cannot register their children for auxiliary payments, but becoming a mother may raise her SSI benefits due to the additional costs of taking care of a kid. Your daughter should speak with her SSA representative to find out whether or not she could expect an increase in payments.

I was served papers this past

I was served papers this past Monday from the Madison County Sheriff because my son's dad is trying to become the residential parent(Get custody of our son) he also is trying to give me visitation every other two weeks and trying to order me to pay child support. My son will be two January 24th 2015. My son's dad has been in and out his life for pretty much the entire year, he has no relationship with the child whatsoever. Its actually been 5 months as we speak that he has not seen his son, not a single call, text, or visit since July 5th of this year. He has never given me any MONEY not once since our son has been born, he has bought things here and there, but its not consistent, and he hasn't paid child support at all because he's disabled, and I have tried to collect child support but I can't cause I was told that there are three types of social security and the type that he gets they don't consider it income, therefore I can't get child support, now all of a sudden I'm being served papers because he wants to be the residential parent? What can I do to stop this? And can he be granted custody with disability as being his only form of income? When I been told numerous times that i can't even get child support cause they don't consider his disability check as income. (Side note) he does work on the farm and gets paid under the table

Hi Ayana, First off, if he

Hi Ayana, First off, if he works under the table and does not report his income to the SSA, he is committing social security fraud and could lose all of his disability payments. Additionally, both SSI and SSDI payments can be court-ordered to be used for child support. I could contact your local SSA office to speak with someone who can help you with your specific case. Good luck.

I am on ssdi and my son no

I am on ssdi and my son no receives a portion of my ssdi as he was disabled befor me and at a young age.He also gets ssi.He had a child and the child's mother is on ssi.They all live with me and have since before the child was conceived.Can that child receive benefits from my ssdi?

Hi Deb,

Hi Deb,
This is a pretty complicated situation. If he is over age 18 he cannot receive a percentage of your benefits, BUT you did say that he became disabled at a young age. If he became disabled before age 22, he can receive a portion of your benefits as an Adult Child. Adult Children are adults who were disabled before age 22 and who are eligible to receive up to 50% of their parents' benefits. Is he married to the child's mother? Adult Children cannot be married to receive benefits. You can read more about Adult Children here.
Keep in mind that if he receives SSDI payments from you then his SSI payments will decrease, or even stop entirely.

Our 17 year old wants to

Our 17 year old wants to immapate himself will he still receive my disability benefits if he's not living in my house hold.

Hi Shelley,

Hi Shelley,
Is he emancipating himself? If so, I still believe he would be eligible for benefits so long as he meets the qualifying factors:
1. He is under age 18
2. He is unmarried
I'd call the SSA representative who handles your case to be sure but I think he may still qualify.

My ex husband who resides

My ex husband who resides with me still is receiving approx.1300 Per month. He set up account for benefits for our 8 year old daughter. He gives me 250 of her approx.650 a month. I am accounting for the 250 through receipts. I have no clue where the rest of her money is going. As custodial parent, shouldn't I be in charge of the account for I pay bills,groceries, house...etc...? Who would I contact to find that out? I don't believe it is right to use it as personal savings, or for a vacation fund.

Hi Christina,

Hi Christina,
Because your ex husband still lives in the household, I am really not sure who legally can be in charge of the money. If your daughter is not disabled, there are also different rules with how her money is spent (I am presuming she gets auxiliary benefits from his SSDI benefits). What your best bet would be is to go to your local SSA office and speak to them about changing the recipient of your daughter's payments, and how the payments can be used. Good luck!

I would like to know if my

I would like to know if my niece is eligible to draw any benefits from her mothers SS. My sister retire from Purlator about 1 year ago after 35 years of service. My sister is divorced and her daughter Kathy is disable. I understand Kathy has in about 37 quarters, but is unable to work to try and get 3 more quarters. She desperately needs some help. Her medicine is about $200.00 a mouth. Thank you for your help.

Hi Margaret,

Hi Margaret,
I am really sorry to hear that your sister is unable to get benefits because she is only three work credits short. If her daughter isn't already receiving SSI benefits, she may be eligible for that. Your sister can also receive SSI benefits if she is disabled and does not have enough work credits to pay for SSDI.
If she's interested, she should consider talking to a disability lawyer. They are completely optional, but a lawyer could help her with the paperwork and defend her case in court if need be. They also do not get paid if she loses her case, and if she wins, they would only receive a percentage of her back pay (typically 25%, but no more than $6,000). She can get in contact with a lawyer in her area by taking our Free Disability Evaluation.

My daughter is going to be 18

My daughter is going to be 18 in May but will still be in high school for another year. She has Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. Is she eligible for SSI? If so what is the first step in the process. Thank you for any help you can give.

Hi Cilla,

Hi Cilla,
Your daughter could qualify for disability benefits with cerebral palsy, but it will depend on how severe her symptoms are. You can read more about qualifying with cerebral palsy here:
Your first step will be going call your local SSA office to schedule an appointment to fill out the paperwork.
I will note that about 70% of claims are denied the first time around. You may want to consider speaking with a disability advocate who could help you with your claim. Disability advocates guide you through the paperwork, defend you in court, and are only paid if you win your case and receive back pay. Good luck with your case!

my grandaughter is 22 now

my grandaughter is 22 now lives with us she is manic bi-polar is she eligible for disability? her and her parents do not get along it is a stressful situation, i am on social security a fixed income, not a lot for 1 person let alone 2.please help

Hi there,

Hi there,
Your granddaughter could definitely qualify for SSDI benefits if her disability prevents her from preforming work. You can read more about bipolar and Social Security Disability benefits here:
Keep in mind that you will need thorough medical documentation proving that any treatments she's attempted have not improved her situation, and that her bipolar disorder prevents her from doing any form of work. I often recommend that people looking to apply for disability benefits with a mental disorder contact an attorney. Mental disorders can be challenging to receive benefits for, so that's why you may want to consider the assistance of a disability advocate. You can get in contact with one in your area by taking our 100% Free Disability Evaluation:

My son who is now 19,

My son who is now 19, received SSI from age 5. He no longer receives this as my finances increased. He will be 20 in July. I need to know how to get it for him again so that he can live on his own. He will still need help making sure his expenses are paid with his SSI. What should I do? I want to help him become more independent, but due to his disabilities he cannot hold a job.

Hi there,

Hi there,
This is unfortunately a difficult situation because unless he is already living on his own, he will not qualify for SSI benefits due to your income. But if he moves out on his own, he will not be able to afford the expenses without SSI payments. I think you should go to your local SSA office to see if there is any way his income could be counted separately from yours, or if there is any other option for him. I imagine this is a very challenging situation for you, and I apologize we can't be more help!

I think you miss understood.

I think you miss understood. He already had ssi, when I met him . They told me at socially security we could keep our survivor benefits from when her biological dad died but only one person per household could get ssi and now we are separated due to his PTSD AND MY DAUGHTER HAS ADHD AND EMITIONAL DISORDER, CAN I REAPPLY NOW THAT WEVE LIVED A YEAR SEPERATE FROM HIM AND DONT SHATE FINANCES AT ALL.

HI Carly,

HI Carly,
You may be able to do so, you can find a listing of local SSA offices here:

Hello, my son has a horrible

Hello, my son has a horrible temper. He will be 3 in April; I know all three year olds have tempers. But my son results to physically hurting himself. He will bang his head on anything (Windows, doors, hits himself in the head, ect.) He does this anytime we go to the babysitter (I have tried many different ones) when he does not get his way, when you nicely tell him no, when you touch him, ect. I have tried different ways to try and make him understand it is not okay, but he does not talk nor comprehend what you say to him very well. We have tried speech therapy and it got too costly for a single mom to keep up with. I don’t exactly know if my son has a “Disability” But I defiantly think that there is some type of development issue or anger issue. I do work a Full time job but after day care we have about $250 a week to live off of. I do not receive any other help. Do you think SSI is something for me?

Hi Kaycee,

Hi Kaycee,
I just read more about this now, and I actually believe your son may qualify for some form of SSI benefits. He is right on the cusp of two different age ranges for childhood disability: Age 1-3 and age 3-6. The two categories have slightly different qualifying factors, and your son's symptoms sound more similar to the 3-6 age range. There are basically three levels of qualification a 3 year old will need to receive benefits: cognitive/communicative function, social function, and personal function. For cognitive function, you'll have to be able to prove that he is mentally behind compared to children his age. You can do this with an IQ test, or by proving that his speaking abilities are not average (which it sounds like they are not). For social function, you'll need to show that he is unable to form relationships with peers, relatives, or others in general. Because he is not in preschool yet this may be hard, but you can discuss how he has had temper issues with adults. Finally, you can show that his personal functioning is not typical because he tries to harm himself. You can read more about it here:
I have no idea if qualifying a child with a mental issue is easier than an adult, but it is a very difficult battle for most adults. I'd recommend getting an IQ test done, or having him evaluated by a psychiatrist. You can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to schedule an appointment to fill out the paperwork, because SSI evaluations must be made in-person. Good luck.

I was recently approved for

I was recently approved for supplemental security income for physical disability. I use to receive social security when I was a minor off my dad after he became deceased, of course that stopped at age 18. Anyhow I have a 7 year old with adhd and possible aspergers. I am stuggling trying to support myself and daughter off of my very small income. Would there be any way my daughter could be eligible for some kind of social security benefits. Thanks for your time. God bless!

Hi Nikki,

Hi Nikki,
Your daughter could potentially qualify for disability benefits, but she would be MUCH more likely to be approved if she had an Asperger's diagnosis. Qualifying as a child is very different than qualifying as an adult, so we don't actually have any articles on how to qualify as an adult. (I'll be sure to work on adding some!) But one thing you'll need to prove is that your daughter is struggling in school due to her disability, whether it be from poor grades, frequent trips to the school counselor, etc. Maybe you can speak with her school and see if there are any psychiatrists available to the students. I would imagine that sending her to see one on SSI alone would be very challenging. You can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to schedule a time to stop in and start the claim process! You cannot fill out applications for children's benefits online.


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