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I have children and their father has recently went for a hearing is waiting on a decision. I was told that the kids will qualify for benefits. I have several questions.
How is the amount determined?
What are the rules for the cutoff age to recieve benefits?
Do the children recieve back pay as well?
What steps if any do I need to take to set up their case?
If a child is 18 but still in high school do they qualify, and for how long?


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Hi There,

Unfortunately, Laryngomalacia isn't a qualifying condition. I'd suggest looking through the Blue Book to see if there is another condition your baby is experiencing that qualifies.

Jimmy M. (not verified)
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I have a seven year old daughter.and her mother is on disability.has been for several years now.my question is would she be able to receive any help
From her mother's disability and if so would she qalify for back pay?


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Hi Jimmy,

If your daughter is a dependent of her mother, then she may qualify for auxiliary benefits and back pay for those benefits.

Jennifer (not verified)
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17 yr old recieves ssi decided to run away only been aweek im payee but i dont know what to do what if she comes back


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Hi Jennifer,

You should contact the SSA directly. They will be able to walk you through what step you should take

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